Subscription Music Services

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To be honest, during the Napster mania, I was of those who downloaded everything like crazy. It didn’t crossed my mind to know better as it was very difficult to resist all the free music I can get my hands on. I was amazed at the idea that CDs that seemed impossible to find can now be pulled up on my desktop. You can practically get anything for free whenever you wanted and the only thing necessary was a computer connected to a high-speed internet.

After the fall of that amazing program, there had been a number of peer-to-peer networking programs that came out. However, not one of them had a the same effect on the market like the Napster did. You see, these networking services take a toll on the recording industry and consequently, they are pressure lawmakers to bust illegal downloading websites. From here, subscription music services was created and was regarded as the perfect solution. In subscription music services, anyone can download as much music as they want without the hassle of going to a store to purchase the CDs. But people still do need to pay money for them. The good thing is that it costs less and you have the choice to either download the entire album or just a selected few songs. With the subscription music services, there is no limit to what you can download whether it be hits, albums or perhaps collections. It is entirely up to you.

But if you really look into it, you may realize that subscription music services may not be all they are cracked up to be. It will always depend on what The type of music consumer you are. If you ask me, they are not the best choice. You see, if you bother to browse through the internet, you will find a number for websites that allow you to download music without having you pay a single cent. So it doesn’t really make that much sense to subscribe to something that will require you to fork out money. In my opinion, one of the best music subscription services is Pandora. Here, you only need to type in the artist’s name or song title and it will then play the free music for you. It will not allow you to  download the songs like what happens in subscription music services but it is available for you anytime you want for zero payment.

There is also the Internet radio that has almost the same principle. You can think of it like Pandora than one of those subsription music services. You will also not be able to download the songs you want but it will give you the pleasure of  listening to live streaming broadcasts. But if you have a very specific preference in music, it may be best for you to go for the subscription music services. If you’re like me, though, who only care about listening to certain types of music, you can just do it for free. A lot of internet radion sites are available out there, so you can probably easily find the music you’re looking for.

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