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Since the Internet began, it had paved way for countless numbers of tools for our society. Although, when it comes to magazine publishing companies like us, it’s been quite a mixed blessing. As the Internet provides many different types of alternative forms in publishing materials, people tend to depend on our industry less and less. There is quite a number of competitions out there that is provided by free services and more custom tailored to cater to specific interests. At times, the magazine industry can have the best ideas that will make their products more better looking and well-researched than what the free Web industry can offer but it always seem like even that will soon change. Even now, the best online magazines are doing what we do and the sad part is, they tend to do it in a shorter span of time. This is the reason why there is a need for us to fight for the young demographic. If we lose our hold on them, we are left with no market that will accommodate the print media in a certain generation.

One particular example to keep the young audiences would be the student magazine subscription. It offers the one good thing that online subscriptions cannot which is comfortable reading. The student magazine subscription may be our greatest advantage. You see, people in general love to be able to flip through the pages of a paper or magazine at their own slow pace. Nobody really wants to stay in front of their computer all day. Thousands of Americans prefer to lounge back on their couch on a nice Sunday and with their favorite magazine and newspaper in hand. If the magazine industry can lure them with discounts on student magazine subscription, then they will get hooked. Student magazine subscription is the perfect way to go based on our research that it is far more easier to change the younger people’s reading habits than the adults.

Of course, it is important for student magazine subscription marketers to constantly keep up with the changing times. Nowadays, traditional print magazines end up online because once the magazine has been printed, it only takes very little money and time to make a version of it in the internet. There is this possibility, though, that people will pirate and copy their student magazine subscription but this happens quite rarely than most people would think. Consequently, it is not just a good investment but mainly a safe investment.

Yet, in order for this to happen, student magazine subscription should be a mainstay. Many traditional magazines also offer online services, though in general, it is difficult for them to compete with the other online services that offer quick incisive information. If the world was set up in a way that people can just read the New York Times for free online, then they will not be paying for a daily online news service. The thing here is, the public audience still wants a hard copy for as long as they’re paying for a subscription. 


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