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Have you ever encountered a person who is utterly independent? Focus your mind on that person’s traits and multiply it by ten. You will then have an idea of my son’s personality. He has been exercising independence ever since he was able to utter out his first words. In fact, the first two words that went out his mouth were “I do”. His everyday act of independence has always been challenging but also a blessing for us. He would always decide and do things on his own and often only tell us after. He signed up for community activities, joined sports and decided on his college course along with his career. He never failed to make good and mature decisions so we couldn’t really get upset with him although often times, we feel as if he doesn’t quite need us in his life.

It no longer came as a surprise when he informed us that he is in the middle of looking for an internship through an online student job search. The student job search website was given by his university professor and he immediately started the search. A student job search helps provide information on entry level jobs along with internships. The very useful student job search also provides information on how to properly write resumes and cover letters. He said he wants to do something extraordinary so he opted for international internship. He said it was the perfect opportunity to gain experience and see a different part of the world at the same time. The whole idea sounded really exciting and a once in a lifetime chance. We supported his prospect and told him, we’ll be more than happy to help him with the expenses in his travel and lodging. Of course, we knew his independent nature would make it hard for him to even consider accepting our offer. In the end, we all agreed that he can just pay us back when he starts earning a salary from his career. We rarely get to help him with things in his life and this was the perfect chance for us to do exactly that.

Because of the student job search, our son was able to find a good internship in Brittain. We paid the internship which turned out to be a good thing because he then had pocket money for sightseeing and exploration in his spare time. His plan is that when his internship is finished, he intends to use the student job search so he could get an entry level job available in the United States. The international experience he will gain should be a big edge on his resume and also help him develop personally. With his independent spirit, we know he will adjust well on living on his own. He did, however, mentioned that it will be really nice if we can visit him there. We will and are currentlly planning on the trip. It will be a good way for us to venture out into a country we’ve never been to. Our son’s independent nature paved way for us to go outside our comfort zone. 


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