Student Discounts

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I can still remember my days back in college. It was a lot of fun and I miss so many things about it. Do not get me wrong, though, I am hardly one of those pathetic nostalgic people who can’t seem to stop reminiscing about “the best years of their lives”. College was in more ways difficult and to tell the truth my life right now is much more rewarding. Currently, I have a nice house, two beautiful children, a wife who loves me and a great job. Still, being a student offered a lot of nice things and the perks were countless. Despite often being in trouble with money, I still managed to have so much fun. I partied, dated, traveled and engaged in my greatest passion which is learning. One of the best perks in being a college student were the student discounts.

It might seem such a trivial thing to focus on but I like how I would feel when people reach out to me just because of my young age and my station in life. I am not just talking about academic discounts although it is a fact that it’s quite easy to get student discounts on almost all education related things like computers and softwares. In the town I attended college in, you can get a 10% discount in practically anywhere that sells academic supplies as long as you show them your student card. I remember considering my student card as the most important piece of document I have mainly because of what it can get me. But student discounts go way further than this.

Perhaps the best thing about being a college kid were the student discounts offered by travelling companies. The funny thing is, although I earn a lot more money, traveling is a lot more difficult nowadays than when I was still a broke student. Travel companies knew that young kids in college love to travel and they do it quite often. So what they did was incorporate discounts in their travel packages. Back then, it felt like I can be anywhere I wanted to be. I would save up the entire semester, get a travel package suited for students then live cheaply while backpacking around the most beautiful parts in the world. You could have so much fun and adventure if you were more than willing to live in youth hostels and eat cheap. It is the best activity for the young and carefree. 

Of course, even though I’m not travelling and having great adventures around the world, I still get to benefit from discounts in my spare time. Every cultural event around town honors student discounts. You could hit the theater, see a concert or watch a movie and get a few bucks off the rates. This is most likely because companies knew college students can be notoriously cheap. Even the student groups with money to spare wouldn’t go anywhere unless they knew they offer student discounts. Consequently, we all ended up with great deals. 


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