The Strawberry Shortcake Dolls Legacy

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People who work for advertising companies are often under a lot of pressure when in comes to marketing products. Selling their ideas to manufacturers is only a portion of their work because they then need to sell the products to the public. It is difficult for them to predict exactly what products will sell well and what won’t. A product may be well accepted in certain parts of the country but it may also be ignored by the rest. Keeping this in mind, there is a need for the marketing people to fully understand the culture of the people they are selling to and appeal heavily to a national market. The marketer needs to understand their products at the same time human nature. But sometimes, it just boils down to how perfect the timing is of the marketing campaign.

I have noticed that there are products that had stood well against the test of time. Most of them are toys. Now the reason why they are still very popular after decades is because if parents are fond of them when they were little then they are more likely to purchase the toys for their own kids. One of these toys is the ever so familiar strawberry shortcake dolls that had already went through a few generations of children. These soft cloth dolls were extremely popular during the seventies and are still favorites of little kids today.

The odd thing about it is that strawberry shortcake dolls do not have a single technology incorporated in them. They are not animated and they neither talk nor light up but little girls still love to play them. I guess it also helps that young girls can choose the kind they want as there’s a full line of strawberry shortcake dolls available along with varieties of accessories. I remember that as little girls, my nieces would wear pajamas with strawberry shortcake dolls pictures on them and their rooms were decorated with things that has strawberry shortcake dolls prints. Even then, the dolls were dressed in old fashion clothes like their bonnets and pinafores. When I asked my nieces why they liked them, they answered that the dolls reminded them of Little House on the Prairie which is their favorite television program.

It’s nice to see that little girls still really like to play with strawberry shortcake dolls that remind us of a much simpler time. The tv program my nieces loved have stopped airing and it doesn’t look like there’s another one like it out there. It seems that nowadays television companies are more interested in giving us reality  shows where people compete with each other for a huge amount of money instead of shows with story lines that dwell on values and family life. I’m glad that a number of toy manufacturers haven’t followed on this type of business path. Sure, toys that has so much technology in them like being able to talk and move like people do are quite fun but it’s important to remember that our children still need simple playthings that will let them use their young imaginations and create story lines of their own. Parents even favor these toys as they do not have to exert so much effort in assembling them or buy batteries so their child can start having fun with them. 


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