Remedies For Cold Sores

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I am sure everybody agrees that having cold sores is not a good thing. In fact, it is never welcome to have it in any given day. It is not just painful but they could be physically detrimental at same time. These small blisters could make you look hideous and revolting. We all try to conceal them and mostly try desperately to look for instant remedies for cold sores. There are a lot of things at home to make them heal faster and speeds up recuperation, although you always have the option to ask a doctor to give you a prescription to hastily get rid of it.

Your local drugstore or your local friendly neighborhood pharmacy has several remedies for cold sores, in a way, should help you bare the anguish of having it. It is important to consider though that some or even most of such types of over the counter drugs are not really the remedies of cold sores but instead make things worse. Dryness and pain of cold sores may be dealt with these so-called medications available in any drugstore but these are not guaranteed to be the best cure for it.

Why should you have to spend for medicines or solutions for this undesired condition when you could have remedies readily available at home? There are several concoctions that has been tried and tested, for years, by many. One of best remedies for cold sores is ice. It should be applied in the earlier stages of it when it is still forming into a more obvious condition. When is has worsen and blistered and opened, ice would not do any good. The reason for this is that ice acts as a restriction or deterrent for cold sore cells to grow into maturity. It would somehow hamper or obstruct it into going to the next phase of the process.

Tea bag is one of the remedies for cold sores as well. This is, of course, would work if applied in the earlier phase of the cold sore condition. Similar to ice, it stops the development of cold sore cells and hinders it to fully develop. You do not have to put the bag in hot or warm water, as we normally do, but just simply place certain amount water to wet it and apply it on the area where there are signs of the said condition.

As the saying goes, “Precaution is better than cure.” The best way to avoid going through the condition is to do preventive measures of catching it in the first place. The most effective remedies for cold sores are keeping the lips moist and soft. If your lips are dry and are usually exposed to sunlight, you likely catch a cold sore. It is recommended to have a lip moisturizer at hand and regularly use it. Cold sores are usually caught when you lips are exposed to the sunlight. Sunscreen is also one of the best remedies for cold sores. 


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