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Email account is important specially when it involves business and it is the main source of communication. It is a big problem when you lose it and do not have a clue in looking for it. There is information you just cannot retrieve unless you have a trick to recover email. You can be fortunate enough to regain what you lost. There are several instances that it cannot be recovered and it is definitely lost. Keeping track of emails is a problem itself and just looking for a particular one can be a headache. Sure enough, we have different ways of organizing our email account. It is best to have a habit, of a sort, to maintain it in order.

The trash folder should be the first place to look when you lose an email in the inbox folder. This is the best practice to recover email. You can set the trash folder to empty itself daily, weekly or monthly basis that would really be up to you. When using your email account for business purposes it is recommended to set the trash folder to empty monthly. One can recover email easily if given the chance that the lost email is still in the trash folder. You could retrieve it there and place it back to inbox folder or to any desired folder.

In most cases, emails are misplaced in other folders. If it is not in the trash folder, it might be transferred to another folder by mistake. If it is found there, one can recover email and put it back where it should belong. Personally, I organized my email in different and numerous folders. It is how I keep track and organize my email account. I have folders for each clients and other personal correspondence as well. If not deleted, emails are most likely in other folders and it could be such a burden looking for it in each folder, but it is even more catastrophic and disastrous not finding that email that is just so important and contains the necessary information. There is always a moment of distress and panic before finding it in either trash folder or in other folders.

When you have gone through all the other folders and in the trash folder, and just could not seem to find that particular email you are looking for, it is gone for good. There is still a small possibility that if by chance you have quoted that lost email when you had responded to an email, it is the sent folder. It is a long shot but you could recover email that way. Just to be sure in the future to recover email, you could set your email account to generate automatically a quote of the email to reply on that, and also set to save in sending email in the sent folder. It may not always work but at least you have a feel safe in securing valuable email, which may contain vital information. You should always make precautionary measure to recover email. 


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