A Look at Public Service Announcements

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I often hear people joke that when you see celebrities do public service announcements, it means that they did something wrong. There are times that this may be true but for the most part, I believe they do this out of the goodness of their hearts and solely because they really do care. There are times when famous people turn me off but whenever they take the initiative to do public service announcements, I never fail to feel grateful for them. In most cases, they are mere spokespersons putting out a very important message for the public.

Nowadays, there are no longer as much public service announcements as there used to be. However, they are definitely still around and often, they appear in short clips right before your most awaited television show starts. In some cases, because of how short the duration is, you might not have been aware that you already saw one. The announcement is often by someone that has the entire screen for himself who will give you quick public announcements just a few seconds before your favorite show begins. The messages are simple but they are quite powerful because they tackle the issues often ignored by the public. As you go along your favorite television series, you may find that the storylines contain public service messages. At times, powerful yet subtle messages are thrown in without your realization.

On the recent number of public service announcements, I’ve found out that most of them involve your children such as reading books with them and on how to help raise their young self-esteem. Other public service announcements give out warnings on the dangers of driving while in the influence of alcohol or perhaps warnings on child abuse. All of these are relevant issues in the society today and they definitely deserve to be in public service announcements in order for the public to be educated and thus help prevent these instances from happening. Though you may get tired of hearing these announcements repeatedly, there are still a lot of people out there who really needs to hear them. After all, just because something is obvious to you doesn’t mean that it’s already obvious to everyone else.

One thing you can keep in mind is that if there is something you feel strongly about, you may want to do the public service announcements on your own. This might involve taking money out of your own wallet but if it’s really something you believe in then the money and time you used should be well worth it. Even though right now, your life is as wonderful as you imagined it, you should keep in mind that there are a lot of people out there, struggling with many difficult things. You never really know when these public service announcements can make any difference in somebody’s life, or more importantly, to a child near you. At times, all that is needed is one person to care in order to make all the difference the world needs.  


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