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As years slowly catch up on me, it seems that keeping the healthy positive attitude I once promised myself is getting more and more difficult. I can still remember the time when I swore not be as conservative and judgmental like my parents. Yet, somehow, entering into middle age made me easily irritated by people who are different than me and had actually become more conservative when it comes to my political convictions. Often, I tell my children endless stories about the hard work I had to do to get to where I am now and constantly remind them not to expect that things will be handed to them just like that, they have to earn them.

These thoughts couldn’t help entering my mind when my son and his wife announced that they want to look for properties for sale. I couldn’t believe that they had already jumped into considering buying a home. They were newlyweds and had just finished college a couple of months before they tied the knot. Their jobs pay them reasonably well yet they still have nothing in savings. As I remember, his father and I took two years of scrimping and saving before we even considered properties for sale. My husband served the military so he was able to take a veteran’s administration loan that allowed us to buy our first home quickly. With it, we got lower interest rate and didn’t have to worry paying for any closing costs.

Naturally, I asked them if they can qualify for a loan. They had already gone and talked to a banker who told them that they qualify. My son was given a letter to show to a realtor that verifies they are pre-approved to buy a certain size home. So, we decided to look for properties for sale on the internet and ended up on a multi-listing website. In order to determine the properties for sale available in the geographic area you’re interested in, you have to enter your zip code then the miles radius you’re willing to extend the search. After which, you can type in the price range of the property you’re looking for along with the number of bathrooms and bedrooms. Once you have completed entering all the information needed, you will see a list of the properties for sale. This is a very convenient way to look for properties for sale. It saves you the hassle of looking at all properties available. The days of copying off sheets from different listing books at the realtor’s office is now behind us.

It still concerns me that my son already wants to jump into home ownership. Even though the bank gave them the mortgage they are comfortable with, it still seems too high for me. I reminded them they wouldn’t want to be prisoners of their own home because they can’t afford to neither go anywhere nor do anything. So, they agreed to look for properties for sale in a much lower price than what was approved.  


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