Promotion Strategy

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When you are promoting an event or company, you have to know who your market is. You cannot just make decisions without giving it a lot of thought. You will end up losing a lot of money for nothing. Time and research is vital when creating a good promotion strategy. There are three basic questions you need to answer if you want your promotion strategy to be successful. The three W’s are:


Timing is vital for any good promotion strategy. If there is a huge even happening, it can be easy to answer. Just have a few ads before the event will happen, but when event is near, this is the time to advertise. If you are the one selling the tickets, you should dedicate your promotion strategy to ticket sales, especially if they are not selling as good as you hope. However, if ticket are sold like pan cakes, you do not have to spend for a lot advertising.


Knowing where to advertise is the key to any successful promotion strategy. Put your ads somewhere that your target market will see them. If you put ads in the wrong place, TV show, or print publication, you are just wasting money. You should know your target market is, if you want your promotion strategy to be successful. Know what kind of places your audience likes to go to. Putting up an ad for a rock concert in a home for senior citizens is bad idea. If you do not know your audience, you might as well throw away money.


You need to know the reason behind your promotion strategy. You might think this is an easy question, but it is more complicated that think it is. Always think ahead! If you are advertising in a sale or event, you must decide if this just a one time deal or a regular thing. Also, think about what kind of impression your business or company will leave on the people. Remember, what your company does in an event will leave a lasting impression. Everything your promotion does will reflect the image of the company and what to do in the future.

These are the three questions you need to answer when formulating a promotion strategy. Evaluate the answer to each of these question and double check if it is what you wanted. If a promotion plan does not answer one of the questions, take time to revise it. Do not settle for a mediocre promotion strategy plan! It might take you a few hours or even days to come up with a good plan, but it is going to be worth it. Target audience can be classified according to income, job, locale, or just about anything. You cannot sell something if you do not know who to sell it to, right? Also, you cannot force someone to buy or avail your product if they do not like it in the first place. Research every aspect of your audience and you will end up great promotion strategy.  


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