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Even though I do not print out many things, I buy a lot of printer paper. It may sound absurd, but for me it makes sense. Printer paper can be used for a lot of things, aside for your printer. This kind of paper is available anywhere and is very affordable. For fewer than ten dollars, you can get thousands of sheets. I do not think you can find a better deal than that.

Every other month, I stock up on printer paper. Even though I do not use the paper for printing that much, I always find other uses for it. The main reason why I use so much printer paper is my daughter. She is 5 and loves to draw anything. She would rather draw her own pictures than spend her time with coloring books. Every day she would take ten to twenty printer papers and use them for her drawings. I get her beautiful drawing daily and I would stick it to refrigerator door or at work.

At first my husband thought it was a waste, but he realized it was a good way to keep our daughter busy. Giving her printer papers for drawings is also a great way of encouraging her to improve her skills. She would even give her drawings to other family members. Even room full of toys cannot entertain a child that is determined to do something else. In my case, it is drawing. Day and night she would draw everything under the sun. I would be able to entertain her if not for the printer papers and her love to draw. Other family members would even ask for her drawings.

Another use for printer paper is craft. We cut it into paper dolls, making paper airplanes, and boats. We can even cut into different shapes. Sometimes we use it as a prop when playing Blue’s Clues. We would cut it into footprints and follow them around the house so that we can solve the case. If my daughter wants to give someone a card, all she needs to do is fold the printer paper and make her own card. I would have never thought that something as simple as paper can do so much. 


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