Enjoy Potato Salad

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Potato salad is the all-time favorite dish for summer activities and family picnics. Each person has their own way of making it. I noticed this when I was looking for a potato salad recipe in cookbooks and through the internet. For every cookbook and website I go to, the recipes are different in some way or another. I checked further and found out that there are over a hundred different kinds of recipes for potato salad. Some prefer it to be very simple and others like it are very exquisite. The potato salad has been around since the 16th century and has become a symbolic meal for summer outings.

The basic ingredients of the potato salad are fresh potatoes, corn, and onion. However, my version of the recipe does not have any onions in it. I think it tastes better without it because the smell and taste of the onion can ruin the taste. Everybody I know like their potato salad to have some onion though. If I am making it for a picnic, I always bring some onions with me, so that we can all enjoy the same dish. All they need to do is slice some onions and mix it to their portion. My version also has some special ingredients that you cannot find in the original recipe. I love adding diced hard boiled eggs to the potato salad. Most of my friends actually love the added taste. As for my husband, he likes adding mayonnaise, but I usually prevent him from doing this. I think mayonnaise is a bad ingredient and diced eggs are the option.

Other people like their potato salad to be more exquisite. I think the ingredients you choose reflect on how you were raised. Most of us have grown accustomed to the food we ate since our childhood. For this reason, it can be difficult to try experiment and try something new. Most actually use the recipes handed down by their parents or other family members. These kinds of people avoid the things that they are not familiar with. However, there are some that try to make their own recipe and create that certain taste they want. I am one of those people who want the salad to taste familiar. However, I do think people should experiment and share their custom recipe to others.

If you want to try other ways to enjoy a potato salad, you should browse the internet. You can find all kinds of recipes for the potato salad. There are even some that are designed for people on a diet. I have even discovered that you can replace the potato with cauliflower. They do this because they want to lower down their carbohydrate content of the potato salad. Do not be afraid to experiment! Maybe you will discover or make up a recipe that your family and friends will love. Potato salad is a dish where you can personalize almost anything. You should also check out cookbooks because most of their recipes have been tested by food experts.


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