How To Increase Your Vertical Jump

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I used to be a young basketball player growing up, although now I play the sport for fun at home and with friends. But even though it was simply for fun, I still desired to have a major vertical jump like Spudd Webb and Nate Robinson, since I’m only 5-ft, 10. So I decided to do my own little workout at home and to tell the truth, I had gain a fair amount of vertical jump; I could dunk with one and two hands using both feet. But even that also failed to give me the best and desirable results I wanted. I began inquiring over the internet for the best vertical training program on the market. Everyday I would see if there was a program that could give me what I required. This went on for some time, but I wasn’t successful.

And there came a day… I was shooting several hoops with a friend of mine and out of the blue, this small person (he was probably about 5-ft, 4) comes up to us and asks if he might play one-on-one with one of us. My friend and I looked at each other and started laughing, cause was he a little midget in our eyes, and nonetheless he challenged us to a short game. So I only said, “Okay, I’ll take you on!”

With a simple smile, he agreed to play. But I was in for the biggest revelation of my life! As soon as I had handed him the ball, he speedily sprinted towards me( I was right beneath the basket), and instead of going for a charge, he jumped right over me and slammed the ball with a two-handed jam! I and my friend were thunderstruck! We had never ever seen something like that before!

Before I could say anything, the fellow handed me the ball, smiling saying, “Now that was a nice game, wasn’t it?” And he started to walk away. I instantly came to my senses and sprang up and ask him how he could get to jump so high. He only said two words to me and said, “Jump Manual”. Now I was probably more speechless cause I didn’t know very well what he meant by saying that. That night I looked for the phrase “Jump Manual” and I found the answer what I wanted all these years!

I eventually purchased the Jump Manual and, well, I’ll just say this. I went from a little wannabe dunker to a mad dunk master that made everyone’s jaw drop. The Jump Manual was the most beneficial discovery I had ever made, and if I didn’t play against that the guy, I would have been completely worse off. (I have wanted to thank that guy, but after that day, it’s like he just disappeared.)

I and others people who have used the Jump Manual, are living testimonies of the program. Across the world people have done great things and have gone professional in their athletic career. People keep on saying how wonderful I fly in the air, even little kids come up to me asking how I get to jump so high. I provide them some exercises that don’t harm them, since they are kids.

If you had to look for the top ten vertical programs on the web, you would find that the Jump Manual is THE number one program that is HOT right now. Why I didn’t find this out sooner I have no idea. Click Here to see the list of top ten programs out there. If you want to check out the Jump Manual yourself, you can visit the site with this link, then Click Here.

Who is the person behind the Jump Manual? It’s none other than world known coach and trainer Jacob Hiller. Who is he? Well…

Jacob Hiller has trained high school, college, NBA, and Olympic athletes, and professional dunkers. He has been developing vertical jump explosion techniques for over ten years and training coaches and athletes to maximize their potential. He has constantly helped athletes to gain 40 plus verticals.

There are just a few resources that I have faith in to further improve my vertical training, but Jacob I trust 100%. He lays everything down in a simple, straightforward manner that any body who can read can do it. He shows what exercises to do, when to do it, what not to do, what to eat, how to prevent future injuries and many more. But just to make one point clear; he is not some nobody that had this brilliant idea to make a vertical program and just jumble some stuff together and hope that it sells well. Just like I would say “No way, Hosea!” He is a world wide known trainer and he has been featured on ESPN, Fade Away, and Men’s Health.

If you want to give the give the Jump Manual a try, then I guarantee you that you will not be disappointed. I hope you can attain the superb results and accomplish your goals like did. 


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