The Next Football World Cup Superstar

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 KEY No.  1

Do not lose the importance of this.  Make no mistake: your personal
inner desire to play for your country at the FIFA World Cup may be the
most important of all the keys.  You must be possessed  by this
desire, to attain your peak performance that it will fill your
thoughts everyday.  Note that the pursuit of football excellence
demands almost everything from you but the rewards are well worth the
To attain peak performance in football you have to have it as a core
desire in your heart.  It is extremely difficult to excel in something
you’re not really interested in.  There must be enough intense desire
or interest from within you.  This is because no coach or educational
materials on their own can make you excel in football without real
interest coming from you.  Deep desire is like the foundation upon
which you can now build the other essential elements.
We excel in anything we love with passion.  What you need to do is try
to find real personal

reasons that would create sufficient interest in you.  Luckily, such
reasons are not difficult to find now.  For example, ask yourself if
you really desire to be popular and rich. With the kind of outrageous
salaries, benefits and bonuses given to football stars in different
football leagues these days, it should be easy for anyone to create
real interest to want to become a football star.
Football stars also retire young and rich.  By the age of forty, most
of them retire from active, competitive football and then go on to
invest the wealth they acquired during their

playing careers in other businesses.
Again, have you noticed that most professional football players are
usually physically fit and live well to a ripe old age?  This is
another good reason to heighten your interest in the beautiful game.
Also, football is the single most popular sport and therefore you will
be popular and famous not only in your country but all over the world
when you attain that peak level of play.

KEY No. 2

Exposure will teach you most of what you need to excel in football.
Actually it’s exposure to the right knowledge, basic skills and
tactics of the game.  This exposure is gained  through training under
a good,  modern coach.  In the same way that babies learn to talk more
by listening to people talk, you can also be a football genius by
being exposed to latest football techniques.
Exposing ourselves to models of what we want is a powerful way to
learn.  A person who travels to America to live there probably from
Asia or Africa would after some time start speaking with an American
accent.  In fact, watching great footballers play alone goes a

long way to make you a great footballer yourself in the same way as
listening to a great preacher can help you become one yourself.  That
is the power of exposure.
The more the exposure the better.  Football Clubs all over the world
have a daily training program where players are exposed to modern
techniques and tactics of the game.  For example, if you watch Lionel
Messi playing football consistently, you would eventually learn his
various tricks and even start playing the way he does.  It works like
As a footballer you need to be highly disciplined to make sure you
don’t miss any training sessions.  The importance of exposure cannot
be over-emphasized.  This is why good coaches don’t take lightly
absenteeism to daily training sessions.  Indisciplined players are
usually punished.  Exposure is the all-important key.
It is important to point out here that you should listen and watch
your coach like an

apprentice rather than like a mere spectator.  There is a big
difference between the two.  And apprentice watches every step and
tactic with observant attention.  With focused intent.  A spectator
does not do this as he watches only to be entertained.  As an
apprentice, you want to see how and why every step and tactic is so.
This should be your attitude during training and even if you happen to
be watching a football match on the television or during a live game
at a stadium. This way, you are on your way of becoming a football


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