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Have you ever experienced given a gift and it became an obsession? If you did, that is exactly what happened to me and my niece. When she turned nine, I gave her a porcelain doll for her birthday. I bought this doll during my business trip in Georgia. The details were incredible, as with most high quality porcelain dolls. The doll has human hair and eyelashes. Even satin dresses are detailed with yards of lace and a ribbon. There were even porcelain dolls for sale that have the same kind of hair with my niece. I was able to buy one doll that really looked like her. My niece absolutely adored the doll I gave her. She never had and seen a porcelain doll before. She wanted to learn everything about these porcelain dolls. I knew that she wanted to have her own collection. I could give her something to add to her collection. 

Twenty years has passed and my niece is still collecting them. I do not even know how many porcelain dolls she has. Just imagine a whole room dedicated to her collection. She is always searching for porcelain dolls for sale whether in print or the Internet. She has different kinds of dolls from different collections. Most of these dolls are given by people that know she is an avid collector. When she is searching for any porcelain dolls for sale in the internet, she is trying to find a particular kind, because she wants to complete her collection. She has even discovered that there are major manufacturers that only produce a handful of dolls in a series. Creating high quality porcelain dolls is very tedious work. Each doll is painted by hand and the human hair is put on by hand. Since it is hand made, every doll is different. Porcelain dolls that belong to the same series will have the same dress but the expression on the face is different. 

My niece wants to complete three different collections. One of the dolls she is looking for was released twenty years ago and was the first doll in the series. She always searches the internet for porcelain dolls for sale. The doll she is having a hard time looking for is the same series with the one I gave her when she was still nine. The porcelain dolls for sale in Georgia are what started her fascination. 

Even though she has been married for a couple of years now, her husband still cannot believe how much she loves the porcelain dolls. She has spent a fortune buying porcelain dolls for sale from different states. My sister even tried to convince him to talk to me instead, since I am the one that started everything. I never thought she would be this fascinated with them. Her love for porcelain dolls is almost like an addiction. Everyday without fail, she would check the internet or papers for porcelain dolls for sale. Even her desk is stuffed with information about porcelain dolls for sale. All of these collections started from the souther belle doll I gave her two decades ago. 


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