Plastic Model Kits

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My kid has been addicted to plastic model kits for the past few years. As a matter of fact, I do not even know where he gets them. I have barely assembled one plastic model kit myself. I absolutely never appreciated the plastic airplane model that he loves. The only form that I ever enjoyed was that of the first space shuttle that completely launched into orbit. Everybody was excited with the space program during those days that is why putting a model spaceship together was almost an indispensable idea of every strong American kid.

At the beginning, I never supported his fascination with plastic model kits. I am quite a practical type of person so I always consider putting some effort into my hobbies and I do believe that it is necessary to have some past times. These things would surely give me a couple of benefits. I just could not see the good thing about constructing a 148 model NASCAR car.

In spite of everything, his obsession for plastic model kits is definitely contagious, since I have begun to be fascinated myself. I even like the fantastic models like those from a cartoon show. If I am correct they are called Gundam plastic model kits. They are absolutely great! They are giant robots from one of the Japanese animated cartoons. Whenever I stare at them, I think about the thrill that the animated cartoon could have given me, if I am still a young boy this moment. Too bad, there was not anything like that when I was growing up. If there was something like that before, I would have really watched it myself. After all, who would not want to see giant robots fighting over the destiny of the whole world?

My son’s passion of plastic model kits makes his birthdays quite easy for me. I always know where to look and just get him those types of stuffs. Knowing all his fascinations about plastic model kits make it a lot easier for me to choose which of those he would like the most. Anyway, it is also very easy for me since my son always give hints to what exact model he likes. Still, whenever he gets those plastic model kits, he seemed to be surprised. He maybe the weirdo type of kid but I am pretty sure that he is respectful and gracious.

Just lately, he has started to get into plastic model ship kits. I am totally proud of my young man. Building a plastic model ship is not that easy. If you have already seen someone assemble a plastic model kit, you will surely be amazed since it is much more difficult than those snap-together plastic model kits. You have to go through the exact details of the construction. You need to make sure that the hull, the rigging, the masts, and the sails of the boat to perfectly fit for the model to look like what it is supposed to be. It is definitely not an easy thing to do! 


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