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 I love taking care of my plants. But how they look like is the last thing on my mind. The health of my plants is my primary goal. I have great looking plants, but they are all over my garden. I would be able to arrange them without any problems. However, I do not have much space. Stepping on my plants was unavoidable for me. My gardening experience was changed when I discovered what a plan stand can do. 

Knowing which plant stand to use is very important. An iron plant stand will keep your plants away, but a terra-cotta stand will encourage growth and health. Iron stands are most helpful when you want to avoid stepping on your plants. These plant stands will also help protect your plants from critters that can kill them. If you are putting potted plants on the ground, there is going be a very big chance that slugs and native weeds will be spreading all over them. If you put your plants on a plant stand, you do not have to weed or look after them all the time. Since bugs and weeds are no longer a problem for your plants, you do not to worry about various plant diseases. 

It is important to have a good indoor plant stand. When I started growing nursery plants, I placed them on the coffee table, which was a very big mistake. I thought putting a tray under the plants will keep the table dry. I even tried controlling the water and avoided bumping them, but all the things I have done did not work. If you put the plants on a coffee table, it will only end up as a mistake. When I had my very first drinking party, somebody always knocks over them. That would not have happened if they were on a plant stand. The plants would have been safe from anybody knocking them over while picking up or putting down a drink. If there is going to be some dancing in the party, the plants would just be in the corner of the room and away from everybody. 

I prefer a plant stand made out of wood, if I am using it inside the house. However, there is a wide array of plant stands to choose from. The most common types are cedar, walnut, wrought iron, and many more. Make sure to choose a plant stand that will match your furniture and house. You can try using some tables as plant stand, but just put them somewhere where they do not get bumped. One way of making sure that nobody will knock them over is by putting them in the corner. Stop putting your plants on coffee table and get a plant stand now. I am sure you do not want your plants to die. Decorate your house with plants without having to worry about stepping over one of them. A plant stand is the best and most practical way of arranging your plants.

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