Plaid Curtains

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Are you having a problem with the looks of your room? Are you thinking of getting a complete makeover to your own space but you are still thinking twice because of the expenses? Well, no need to worry about that big budget you is concerned about. Sometimes, all you need to do is bring a whole different look to that room on your own. You can simply enhance that room without buying whole new furniture or hiring an exclusive decorator. So, what is really the solution to this problem? You will definitely be glad to know that there is an answer to your concern. The key to your decorating dilemma is simply having some plaid curtains in your room.

Your room should have a certain color scheme where lamps, carpeting, furniture and accents compliment with one another. I know you have thought of getting new furniture or slipcovers thinking that there is no other better option. This idea is hindering your creativity. You might want to check your curtains first! If you have a sewing machine, you can absolutely make that room look totally different with your new lovely curtains as your one and only alteration.

Plaid curtains are a perfect solution to your total room make over. Most plaids have different colors. Expert decorators know that most successful color designs pick up slight variations of many different colors seen in accent pieces, throw pillows, and art work in the room. You can also add complementary colors, and then add spice and interest to your color scheme. It is just like when your sofa is blue, a lamp or a warm tone in a throw pillow will compliment the color of the sofa. A pillow with accents of rust and shades of blue has the same effect.

You can apply this principle to work for you by using a plaid fabric in your room curtains. Then, write down all the colors that you have in your decorative items and furnishings. You can also include, carpeting, lamps, sculptors and artworks in your list. You will realize that there are lots of tones and colors in your room that you have never noticed before.

This time, among all the colors you have found in your own room, you have to decide which colors you would like to highlight. These are the colors that you need to base your plaid curtain fabric from. Then, you can just remove dull colors and tones that you do not like to see.

Plaid fabrics come in different materials that can create an appeal that truly fits in with your approach of designing. Plaid curtains of cotton fabric are complementary to a country look, while those velvet plaid curtains give an elegant and lovely touch of design and style. Fine polyester with threads of gold creates a light and airy look. Pastel shades create a feminine touch and dark tones produce a more formal appearance.

Now, you can say that plaid curtains maybe just your way out to that ugly outdated look of your room. Whether you decide to make them yourself after buying the needed fabric or just buy the ready-made plaid curtains, you can quickly get a fresh, new design to a room at a very little cost. 


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