Stretch Mark Removal Choices

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 Whether you put on weight easily, lose weight rapidly, become pregnant or plainly runs in the family- stretch marks might be something you have to accept.

When you have these marks and wish to eliminate them, what are your alternatives for getting rid of stretch marks? The first thing to acknowledge is that stretch marks eventually fade in time. They begin looking purple/ reddish because of blood vessels revealing along the broken layer of skin, but will naturally fade to a white/ silvery color. In others, these white scars are hardly detectable, but for some you might prefer to try a few of the following treatments.

1) Stretch Mark Cream/ Lotion

Probably the simplest way of getting rid of stretch marks is to use a specially designed cream or lotion. These are formulated with a number of significant minerals and ingredients that your skin actually requires to efficiently repair itself.

Creams need to be applied on a regular basis, but they are exceedingly cost effective and several women verify this.  Some stretch mark removal cream brands like Dermology, may even offer to give you a risk free trial. These creams can reduce present stretch marks and other stronger brands can prevent any further marks from happening.

2) DIY Measures

The finest way to cut down your stretch marks is to mix the cream mentioned together with a number of do-it-yourself measures. When applying your cream, be sure to rub down the area – this would enhance circulation and place your skin in a better situation to repair itself. You will also have to drink a lot of of water each day, and make certain you have a balanced diet.

3) Stretch Mark Surgery

Surgical procedure is a rarer option, because it can be pricy and merely counts as a cosmetic treatment. The abdominoplasty is the best, as it gets rid of the damaged extra skin, though you may also prefer laser treatments. None of these are warranted, while they can work to trim down stretch marks faster than home treatments.

4) Avoid Stretch Marks in the First Place

While this is not a solution for those who prefer to go about eliminating stretch marks that already exist, you’ll be able to prevent further stretch marks by applying the advice mentioned. Drink lots of water, maintain a balanced diet, avoid speedy weight gain and take advantage of a specially formulated stretch mark cream. After all, prevention is far easier than looking for a cure.


It’s important to realize that none of these techniques in removing stretch marks are 100% effective. The fact is, they usually work to fade stretch marks, oftentimes to the point of inconspicuous, instead of removing them totally.


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