Nikola Tesla Secret Review-Easy Projects That You Can Do Yourself

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The Tesla Secret is a run to creating your own naif and Inexact energy.The book states that the surreptitious has been withheld from the unrestricted for over 90 age.

Tesla relates to the artificer Nikola Tesla who was intelligent in Croatia in 1856 and died of bravery unfortunate in 1943.  During his lifetime he was awarded 111 divers patents, including patents in Outstanding Kingdom, Canada and Spain.  It is the theoretic and implied inventions that obtain the most recreation in the modernistic day.These include :-

  • Thought Camera

  • Antigravity Aircraft

  • Free Energy

  • Earthquake Machine

  • Teleforce

  • Electric Submarine

  • Death ray (this was a surprising one)

The production itself is 109 pages semipermanent.  The foremost line of the playscript talks about the contemporary forms of doe including alternative energies such as Solar and weather force.  The succeeding location of the accumulation goes into portion active the sentence and times of Nikola Tesla.

Tesla Secret Gives You…

  • The suppressed “Free Electricity” invention of Nikola Tesla – and how you can use it to kick the utility company from your home by the end of the week…

  • And best of all, it generates FREE electricity day in and day out – so you can slash your bill by 30%… 60%… even 100%!

  • There are no emissions, no fumes, no radiations… in fact, it’s probably just as “green” as solar or wind power systems!

  • And best of all, it generates FREE electricity day in and day out – so you can slash your bill by 30%… 60%… even 100%!

  • It costs less than $100 to build – and you can find all the materials and spare parts at your local electronics shop

  • Take it with you when you go camping – and enjoy “mobile” free energy for your caravan, or in your tent…

  • Use it to juice up ANY electrical devices – from small clocks, to refrigerators or big screen plasma TVs

  • Power up remote cabins so high up in the mountains, you’d be crazy to even think about going solar…

  • And even get entirely off the grid with a high-output generator you can build in your spare time!

More Information About Nikola Tesla Secret

What are the GOOD points about the Tesla Secret?

  • The book is generally very interesting and I especially liked the short biography of Nikola Tesla his life and inventions.

  • The book provides a full list of parts and diagrams to enable anyone to produce the Tesla Free Energy device.

  • As I mentioned I’m not very technical and I haven’t tried to build the full device, but I did do the one shown in the free video provided in the initial presentation of the product.  And it works, like the one in the video I checked on an amp reader (borrowed from my brother) and it was producing a charge!

  • The descriptions seem fairly thorough and the diagrams seem detailed enough to create a device.  Personally I would probably need a little help to understand the circuit diagrams.  But I definitely think it is possible to create a fully working model of Tesla’s Free Energy device, or for those more technical the Tesla Generator.

  • If you have a small amount of technical knowledge I think the Tesla Secret would be a very valuable book and could potentially save you a lot of money.

You’ll also get these 7 Incredible Bonuses Absolutely FREE :

Bonus #1 : Run Your Car On Water
Bonus #2 : Magnet 4 Energy
Bonus #3 : Phone 4 Energy
Bonus #4 : The Renewable Energy Handbook
Bonus #5 : Living Green
Bonus #6 : Gas Saving Devices
Bonus #7 : Fuel Efficient Vehicles

More Information About Nikola Tesla Secret

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