Paid to Click (Ptc)

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Paid to click (PTC) websites offer people to earn money by clicking and viewing advertisement or links on their website. PTC sites are the middlemen between consumers who wants to earn money and advertiser who wants to promote their products. As a member you can sign up with this ptc sites for free (also purchase membership for more facilities) and make money for view their ads. The earning per view various from site to site and it may range between $0.0001 to $0.02 for legit sites that are not scam. If you wants to make money with this sites you have to make a lot of referrals i.e build your downline. Referrals are those people who sign up under you i.e they sign up by clicking you link. When you join a ptc site they provide you an unique referral link. You have to promote the link. You get a percentage of your referral’s earning. It may be 20 to 50%.

Ways to promote your link. Join social networking websites like facebook, twitter, myspace etc. Promote your link with some usefull information about your ptc site. Join various forums and make new topics about your ptc sites (remember that many forum may not accept this, you have to read term and conditions before posting ) in that case you may include your link in your signature. You may request your friends and relatives to join under you. You should show your payment proofs. You may create blog or website also.

You should check before joining it is good to choose old ptc site to avoid scam sites. Type this keywords your ptc site, forums, scam in any search engine. You will find some forums discussing about your ptc sites if links are not allowed on that forum you could trust that post. Request your cash out as soon as you reach after payment you should proceed.

Keep in mind that legit ptc sites offer very low earning per click. You have to join many ptc sites though it will be useless unless you build your downline. Now a days there are so many ptc are coming you have to be very carefull to choose one. Even many ptc sites pays you but after a period they discontinue to do that.


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