How to Fix Cannot Open a Drive by Double Click Problem Caused by a Malware

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Are you a victim of this kind of malware? When you double click your hard drive for example Local Disk C:, an error will occur that states “access denied” “choose the program where you want to open this file” and it will show a window that gives you the options Open with, select the application where you want to open this file, instead automatically open your files in the specific drives. There are many ways on how to open it, for example by the means of viewing all the folders  in the specific drive in your windows explorer, by doing right click and explore every time you open this drive and needs those files.  It is time consuming for the user right?

Why use alternative methods if you can fix it in simple deleting the entries or files that the virus or a malware created in your registry.

Follow these steps to fix this problem;

  1. Log on as an administrator account.

  2. For Windows XP. Click on Start > Run and type “regedit” without quotes to access the registry editor

For Windows Vista and Windows 7, Click Start> Search programs and files > type “regedit” without quotes. Allow access in User account control if the pop up blocker appears.

  1. Backup first your registry editor, to make sure that even you deleted a wrong files or having an error on registry you can import it back.

  • To backup registry entry go to File> Export>

  • Enter the file name and Save the file as Registration Files (.reg)

  • Click save

  • Now delete the files named “ mountpoints2”

  • Click on the top at the start of the registry “computer”

  • Press “Ctrl+F” on your keyboard to find or go to Edit > Find on your menu

  • Type the word “mountpoints2” without quotes

  • Delete the “mountpoints2” files including the “mountpoints2” folders if you have found.

  • Find the next “mountpoints2“  files by clicking “Find Next” Command Button of F3

  • Delete all the mountpoints2 files in your registry.

  • Close the Registry editor and restart your computer after deleting.

Just make sure that only “mountpoint2” files were only deleted, do not delete other files except from “mountpoints2” or else your registry will lose a files and your computer will having an error.


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