Maximizing The Benefits of Rss Feeds – Learn Seo Basics

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SEO News and Advice – Learning SEO Basics: RSS, the acronym for “real simple syndication”, is an automatic feed which provides online content publishers the chance to stay in touch with their target audience on a regular basis.  When visitors arrive at a website with an RSS option, they can elect to subscribe to the feed. This provides the opportunity for the site owner to send out notifications of new content to these subscribers. These outbound communications can then keep them in regular contact with visitors who are already familiar with the site.

With studies showing that consumers usually visit a site multiple times before making a purchase, an RSS feed can encourage visits and speed the conversion process. RSS feeds carry other benefits as well including:

* Increasing the possibilities that your published content will be shared with new potential visitors.

* An RSS feed can improve search engine rankings

* An RSS feed can get content indexed at the search engines faster

* A feed can provide another means of driving traffic to a website

RSS feeds provide an automated marketing process that can drive both existing and new visitors back to your site. Listing with RSS feed directories can also serve to introduce your site to new visitors as many of these directories have huge daily traffic numbers.  By regularly publishing content which is then pushed out via an RSS feed a site owner can benefit from a consistent flow of traffic that is also free of charge.

Despite the powerful benefits that are delivered by installing an RSS feed, the tool is generally underutilized across the web. Even when an RSS feed is installed, many website owners do not use it to its fullest potential. With the potential to build back links, increase visitors, drive sales, and improve page rankings, RSS feeds should be incorporated where ever possible. If you are regularly publishing content but aren’t using RSS feeds to their fullest extent, you are missing an opportunity that delivers benefits on many levels.

For a full assessment of how installing an RSS feed on your site can add money to your bottom line.

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