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Cleto Reyes was born in Mexico City on April 26, 1920, right in the years of national reconstruction just after ten years of revolutionary struggle. Due to this precarious situation he started to work at a very early age in a leather workshop.

His passion for boxing dated from 1936; his school was right across the street from the Peralvillo Cozumel Arena and his sport heroes were Joe Conde, Juan Zurita and Rodolfo “El Chango” Casanova.

In 1938 young Cleto participated in his first and only boxing match; it was so good that the audience tossed coins to him and his opponent; however, the injuries were enough for him to decide never to do it again. Nevertheless, the gloves he had been provided with, happened to be badly worn out; so he volunteered to repair them, thus starting his long career in the manufacture of gloves.

Subsequently his gloves obtained the approval of the local Boxing Commission. In April 18, 1945 Juan Zurita, the second Mexican Lightweight World Champion, defended his title against Ike Williams in Mexico City, and Cleto Reyes gloves were used in a World Championship fight for the first time.
In 1954 Don Cleto decided to become independent, always counting on the valuable support of his wife. In the ’60s he had his first commercial representative in Los Angeles, California who distributed Cleto Reyes products in the most important cities in the United States and in some other countries.

In 1971 his son Alberto, decided to join Don Cleto’s effort with an entrepreneurial vision and his late wife Leticia Alemán’s support. They started hiring more people, registered the brand Cleto Reyes in 1975 and founded the company Industria Reyes, S.A. de C.V.

In July 1983 the company moved their manufacturing facilities to Ecatepec and tripled the production capacity. In early 2003, we opened a second plant in Toluca, where we keep on expanding our capacity to continue satisfying a growing demand and customer’s preference for our products.

The company has received important recognitions such as:
• In 1990 we were recognized as Empresa Altex (Exporting Company) by the Mexican Trade and Industry Department.

• Premio Nacional de Exportación 1994 (National Export Award), granted annually by the Mexican Government to distinguished Mexican companies, presented personally by the Mexican President.

• In 2005 the World Boxing Hall of Fame granted the Presidential Award as a posthumous recognition to Don Cleto Reyes, founder of the Reyes glove-making dynasty.

• In November, 2008 Alberto Reyes, president and founder of this company, was induced to the California Hall of Fame in the 24th Annual Banquet of the WBHF.

Nowadays Cleto Reyes’ products have a prominent place in the international market, and are marketed in five continents with the approval of the main world organizations. We proudly enjoy the world champions’ preference, to them, our most deep appreciation for their loyal friendship.


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