The Importance of Tracking Statistics

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Almost every entrepreneur recognizes the importance of and the need for generating as much traffic as possible. However, many overlook the importance of tracking traffic and observing traffic statisticsWeb analytics can tell you a lot about the behaviour of visitors to your web site. Ultimately, this will make you more successful.

So, what exactly can traffic statistics tell you?

Put simply, it can explain which areas of your site are working toward your business objectives. It can show which landing pages are actually creating sales and shows the popularity of individual pages or sections of your site. Obviously, this is of huge benefit; you can update or alter those areas of site that are not generating the amount of interest you would like. You will see very quickly which areas of your site need attention.

A site hit is when any file has been served; a page is also a file and so is an image. When people view your site, they are essentially requesting a page and generate at least one page view. If they go to another page on your site, you have received two views and so on.

By tracking external applications to your site, you can record traffic statistics with the use of a small HTML code embedded on every page of your site. There is a tremendous amount of information that can be monitored; providing you with an in-depth analysis of your visitors and your site. Much of this can be used in the future, to enable you to deliver a better experience for each visitor.

The most obvious piece of information to be tracked is simply the number of visitors to your site. From there, utilizing different software applications, you will be able to capture the average number of page views per visitor you receive, the average visit duration, and the average page duration. The more page views you get and the longer people stay on these pages the better it is for your business, obviously.

Digging a little deeper to provide true traffic statistics, you may be able to see what your most requested pages are, your most requested entry pages, and what the most requested exit pages are. The most requested exit pages will help you determine which pages generate the most exits, or potentially have broken links.

Basically, tracking where your traffic comes from, and how your site is used can really help you understand and build your business.It can help you identify where problems exist and what areas you need to focus on. There can be a lot of speculation and guess-work when running an online business, but (generally!) statistics do not lie. Using tracking stats is your opportunity to make corrections and help your business flourish based on the responses of visitors to your site.

Believe me….it pays to “listen” to your visitors!


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