How to Choose a Computer That is Perfect

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Most of us now have the potential of different computers, but many of us do not know how to choose the potential of his machine and how we can get a computer to the potential benefit to us completely and that meet all our needs at low costs.

Us answer these questions for Mr. Sharif’s victory, a specialist in the field of computer, who confirmed that so far the device has potential
(Ram: 6 Gb ddr3), (hdd: 2 Tb), (processor core i7 3 Ghz cash 6MB), (vga: G-force 2 Gb ddr3)

May be the perfect device, especially for those interested in games and graphics, but he emphasized that you can half this potential to be a computer that is fully efficient, so why the presence of these high-potential, and how you can determine your needs? .. Must first identify the function of each tool in the computer to determine our needs.

Random Access Memory
Know that the data is stored in the computer is in a USB flash drive, Kalqrs drive and CD, or flash memory, the problem in these disks they do not have enough speed to keep up with processor speed, so if you want the wizard to address some of the data it is essential to store this data in central storage very fast, until the completion of treatment, and then stored in permanent memory Kalqrs steel.

Let me show you this example: Suppose you’re working in your office, and you have in this office table and you have a closet to put the files found in the building next door, if you want to work in a file, you go to the store and bring this file for office and working on, if you want to work on another file you go again to bring it.

Suppose that the office was filled after a few files, in this case you can not bring more of the files, not only have to restore some files to the store to be able to bring others.

In this case, becomes your replacement one greater than the size of great benefit, because it will lead to increase the number of files you are working on at the same time and reduce the time wasted going to and returning to the store.

The previous example is similar to what happens for the RAM, if stored in the previous example is the disk drive in the computer, and the files are programs, and your desktop is the amount of RAM and you are the wizard, if the greater size of the RAM whenever he processor to work on large volumes of files or data or programs and helped to avoid the use of hard drive – relatively slow.

Alramat measured in units like those measured by the memory modules in the disk drive
“Hard disk” if only the amount of data that I held at the same time I need enough space from Alramat.

For instance, users searching for games Vmakrp 4 GB is the very ideal and a 1 or 2 GB to play a lot of games.

And users of graphics programs such as the hard Photoshop – AutoCAD – illustrator and other programs that deal with graphics, the memory of 2 GB is sufficient and the memory 4 GB is ideal.

The users of mobile graphics programs such as 3 3d max – Maia – flash and other programs for animation and modeling, the memory 3 GB be sufficient and 6 GB to be perfect.

The PROCESSOR or processor is one of the more plug-complex in the computer and the processor processes all the data which are in the computer and the processor per process and one and only one at the same time but at a very small can be the processor that handles a tremendous amount of information in the lower parts of the second,
But this was old, but now With the development and reached the people need to do more than one process at the same time, Intel Vapetkrt manufacturer of Intel processors with nuclei or 3 or 5 or seven heads treatment
core 2 due – core i3 – core i5 – core i7

But the important thing that we must focus on it can be for a processor core i5 to be faster and better than the processor core i7 As we have stated that he has the ability to address the seven operations at the same time, but we neglect the processing speed of each process can be for a processor to deal with five operations that he completes more quickly than that the processor core i7 if the speed is higher than the speed of the processor unit Algija Hertz, and for users interested in gaming, the processor core 2 due speed 1.7 GHz good enough for most games and be a core 2 due 2.5 GHz ideal for both games, but for users interested in graphic programs the processor core i3 speed of 2 GHz good enough to do all the operations at an appropriate speed and the processor core i5 speed of 2 GHz is ideal to do all the operations at an appropriate speed.

We talked above about Intel is the most famous manufacturer of processors, but AMD processor recently appeared no less efficient Intel has almost the same speed and the number of units of the processor in the capital markets and less expensive processors from Intel, but his images, or dedicated to him.

Now came the turn of the GIGABYTE VGA:

Many people wonder about the role of graphics card and what is required of speed?
VGA is a graphic processor in the computer also has storage space random its own and can VGA be integrated with the motherboard in the device but would prefer to be externally that has storage space random especially because its built with the motherboard uses the part is not small from the device memoryrandom and there are many companies producing graphics cards, but they are the best G-force and ATI

Okhiara and keep us talking about the hard drive Hard Disk

There are many types and areas of hard drives, but you determine what is the capacity which will need less capacity, but the market is currently 500 GB
The best volumes in terms of data transfer speed is the western digital
Best in terms of performance segate hard and the best of the equation in terms of speed performance with the Samsung hard from you determine what your needs are.

But why is making a computer with such capabilities ideal mentioned in the top,
Simply the market is not limited to gamers, programmers, graphic makers,
But there is a layer using the computer for other purposes such as web hosting companies and large corporations in the film industry and large factories
These companies need to super computers, the second because there means a lot of money
But as a regular user Think carefully before you pay a lot of money in potential need not remember very well what you need and what you can give it a lot of your money and you really need it.


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