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Have you ever asked yourself why you prefer one physical appearance than the other? Have you ever asked someone why they think that being fair-skinned is beautiful and being dark-skinned is unattractive? Why do some people think that certain lip size is more attractive than another? I have wondered why there are different hygiene practices that are preferred in various countries. Most of the people in the U.S, practice bathing everyday but in some European countries, this is not applicable. It is very interesting how these differences started.

In the U.S, women usually have the habit of shaving their leg and underarm hair. I have been doing this practice since I was a young adult. Luckily, my body hair is light in color and quite a few. However, my daughter had extremely hairy legs since the day she was born. Her body hair darkened as she grew older. Now, my daughter is already an adult and she wants to undergo a permanent hair removal. She has already used different methods and products just to keep her upper lip and legs hair free, but none of those has worked for her. She has also bleached and waxed her upper lip hair and she finds that she needs to go through the process more frequently just to get rid of those ugly looking hair. 

After a series of sessions of bleaching and waxing she told me, she does not want to do it anymore. According to her, the waxing process is very painful and she wants to look for another alternative. She told me that she wants to undergo permanent hair removal. Even if it is expensive, she is willing to get this as the best option for her body hair to be perfectly removed. My daughter was informed that the process of permanent hair removal won’t be very painful compared to what her other practices were. She was advised that they will not go directly to the full area of her face since the facial area is sensitive. My daughter was also informed that the area may be red or irritated for a couple of days so the method would have to be done over time. She has to undergo the permanent hair removal process starting with her upper lip first. This procedure will take 2 to 3 appointments.

She asked me for my opinion if I thought she needed to get the procedure done in a beauty salon or in a clinic setting. I told her that she can check some full service salons since most of them offer the permanent hair removal procedure with a discounted price rather than doing the process in a clinical setting. Still, I suggested that she can double check the name and reputation of any place she might want to have the process done to make sure that she gets the best result. For sure, everyone wants to have their faces look great by knowing the person doing the process is reliable. 

She checked some salons and clinics as I suggested. My daughter figured out that almost all of the salons use electrolysis and the clinics utilize laser treatments. She then decided to undergo the process of permanent hair removal with the use of laser treatments. From that time on, my daughter has been very grateful with her permanent hair removal procedure and has always taken good care to keep her hair under control so that people will not notice the difference. 


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