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Today, there are a lot of issues that are regularly shown in the media. These issues could range from abortion, euthanasia, mental illness and to some deadly diseases. The truth is, the media do not address the biggest issue as much as expected. I am taking about poverty! Poverty has been a major burden in the world today. This main issue deserves much attention. One of the reasons why people refuse to tackle the subject is because it makes them uncomfortable. The poor are embarrassed by their condition while the rich prefers to act oblivious to it. In their minds, not talking about it can probably make it go away and be further suppressed somewhere else. As you may have noticed, there is not much article on poverty that revolves around the subject because a lot of people want to take the easy way out.

When I hear the word “capital”, it goes to mind is our household income, the combined total salary that my wife and I bring in just to cover the bills and keep us alive. More often than not, I contemplate on this just as anyone would do. Now, let us go back to poverty. The word alone produces reaction to anyone as it always does to me. The phrase “article on poverty” gives me a lot of things in mind. It gives me the feeling to wish I could do some kind of magic just to end it. My mind goes back to the commercials that I would see on the television that shows hungry children without a home. Then somebody says that 10 cents per day is already a big help for them. That makes me feel better. I have also read an article on poverty in the newspaper. The purpose of those commercials and news is to stir enough emotions from us. After seeing those advertisements, and just by reading an article on poverty, we are then compelled to help. My father, though, has a different tone in the matter. He said that, “We need to solve the poverty-stricken problem in our country first”. What he told me really makes sense because, how can we be of any help if we cannot even help ourselves?  

I brushed through a lot of articles that focused on poverty in America and concluded that it is an indisputable problem at hand. People such as Bill Gates and Donald Trump, otherwise known as the financially endowed, can definitely use reading an article on poverty. They might want to read even just one article on poverty then start to consider giving half of what they have to the poor. This is the perfect solution where both sides are in a win-win situation. They would still be rich and continually earning but they have helped alleviate poverty in the country. 

The internet is the haven for articles. It has about almost everything so, hop on it to research for articles on poverty. There are a lot of them! You can try checking just an article on poverty as well for yourself. Who knows, it will change your life and the lives of the poor. 


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