Apply For a Loan For Your Family

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My husband and I are not alien to the phrase “apply for a loan” because we seem to always have a reason to do such step. It seemed to have become an undeniable part of modern life to procure a loan. What happens is that after paying off our current loan and beaming with smug, we then find another reason to ask for a new one. This is either to pay for some home constructions, consolidate debts or purchase a car. We even took a loan once to put our daughter through college.

Every time we meet the bank manager for the transaction, it always makes me feel like being inside the Head Teacher’s office because of some school trouble I am not aware of. I get that feeling of guilt even though there is no reason to be so. I am just doing this to apply for a loan, for our family’s needs and wants! I constantly tell myself those types of statements to make me stay as calm as possible during the transaction. The bank manager is always so helpful and very much willing to help but there is still that same lingering feeling that you would get while you wait in the dentist’s waiting room. Perhaps, these feelings stemmed from the Protestant ethics I was raised to only ask for what you have earned. We have not earned this but conveniently, though, the banks make profits out of this and without it, the banking industry will collapse. Knowing that what we lack in the banks can provide and even encourage us to do so is more than enough reason for us to feel somewhat secured and continue to apply for new loans. So, here I am, wanting to apply for a loan.

A new loan means going through the same steps all over again and answering the same questions. It is tiring! I hate filling up forms. Then again, the banks will always say that it is part of the protocol. First, is to prove identification, which seems unnecessary since we have been going to the same bank branch for years to apply for a loan. Then, they check our credit ratings. Ironically, I know a lot of people who can pay for the loan but were denied, mainly because they have no credit record. When you apply for a loan with no credit record, it gets really difficult since there is no credit to assess. We, on the other hand, have all the history they need. 

Nevertheless, the worst step we have to go through is the time when the manager goes out of the office to check all that is necessary to apply for a loan under our identities. All our loans have always been granted but still, what if it gets denied now? It is cold sweat when he comes back. He’s smiling and the loan has been granted. We felt relieved knowing we will not have to go through everything again, until the next time that is. 


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