Airbrush Tanning

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Back in my teenage days, I had blisters all over my shoulders. I get sun burns a lot!  I decided to use airbrush tanning when I knew that over exposure to the sun contributes to skin cancer. I did not want myself to get any side effects just because I wanted myself to look tan. As far as I can recall, I was still a high school student when self tanning became so fashionable. I performed an experiment on those self tanners and I ended up looking like an Oompa Loompa from Willy Wonka quite a few times. You could really distinguish who tried this practice before since their hands and knee caps were completely blemished orange. If someone would look at them from a mile away, one could definitely spot the streaks on them. None of those self tanners worked effectively before so, if someone used one and ended up seeming like an all orange person, that person was not considered alone at all. This idea has made people feel better; on the other hand, there are things that must be improved. 

Before my wedding ceremony, I tried a self tanner again from a specific department store. I thought things had changed. After I used the product, it did not work the way I expected it to be. The sad thing was I had no better option at that time. Good thing, I tried that self tanner a few more weeks before my special day! I was still lucky because there was still enough time for the streaks and the orange color to wear off from my skin. On the other hand, isn’t it weird that those people who need the product the most can’t really enjoy using it because of the fact that it leaves them the orange and streak side effects? What will happen to those white skinned individuals who want to get that perfect tan result? It is an advantage for you if you are part of the darker skinned population since you can easily get that perfect bronze look. In my case, this is really not applicable.  

After a long wait, airbrush tanning was introduced into the market a year ago. After those terrible events I went through with self tanners, I tried the airbrush tanning method. I was fortunate to have tried the airbrush tanning technique just by using a gift certificate from a spa within our vicinity. From that time on, I promised myself that I will never try using one more tanning brand again. I do not see any reason why I should not be taking advantage of airbrush tanning when I can just get rid of the side effects of the tanning products out there. It really makes me feel happy that I can just get the sun kissed radiance after everything. Even if airbrush tanning only lasts for about fourteen days or so, I know that you would still be happy with the results. It will give you a great feeling by having that smooth and silky tan effect. 

You can go out looking like you have spent a vacation in the Caribbean. It is true that airbrush tanning has some downsides but if you just think about the perfect result, you would not want to go back to those old products for tanning. If time comes that you will be attending an extraordinary or any special event in your life, try dropping some amount of your funds.  You can make a good memory out of some special occasions by trying airbrush tanning. 


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