Why Does Green Calm You And Red Excite You?

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You perceive through your five senses. You taste, smell and feel. Just as you enjoy or dislike something when you eat, you also like or dislike looking at something. Some pictures give you pleasure. Some frighten you. Some make you nauseate. Some relax your mind. Some irritate your nerves and make you angry. Colors are the attributes of the sense of sight just as the taste buds are in perceiving taste.

When you look at a scene, your visual nerves register color in terms of the attributes of color: the amount of red-or-green; the amount of yellow-or-blue; and the brightness of the color.

Color attributes are opposites, like hot and cold or sweet and bitter. Color nerves in the eyes can sense either green or red only and they cannot sense both at a time. It is the same case with blue. Yellow. Thus, you never see bluish-yellows or greenish-reds. The opposition of these colors forms the basis of color vision and the effects in body and mind.

Color used as a therapy to boost your positive energy

Colors have deep effects on your health. They affect both your body and mind. They affect your moods. They can depress you. They can energize you. They can affect your behavior. Sometimes they can even kill you. Using colors for medical treatment is called color therapy or chromo therapy. Colors are used often to facilitate the healing rooms of alternative health practitioners. Color therapy is classified as a vibrational healing since it incorporates the use of chi energies within living organisms such as plants, gemstones and crystals, water, and sunlight. In this way colors have strong effect on your moods, emotions and behaviors.

How can color affect your mood and emotion?

If you walk into any kindergarten school, most likely you will notice a lot of bright colors on the walls. It is because these colors stimulate brain functioning and make learning an experience of fun. Researches have proved that the fabric, carpeting, furniture and tile affect the mood and emotion of the people who use them.

Ancient cultures, such as Chinese and Egyptian, were using colors to heal health problems and to change mood and emotion. Buddhist monasteries decorated their meditation rooms with blue color to calm the mind and with red vertical lines to wake up consciousness. They believed that red stimulated body and mind and increased blood circulation. Yellow was used to stimulate nerves to purify. Blue color soothed and relieved pain.

Certain colors relieve tension and activate the nerve cells. Luscher’s Color Test is used in modern techniques to boost positive energy and change moods and emotions.Researches reveal that colors bring about emotional reactions to individuals. Since reactions and attitudes to colors differ from person to person, application of colors has to be handled carefully.

Which color for which mood?

You can change your moods and emotions by choosing colors appropriate for the mood you wish to have. You can wear your dress in that color and keep your environment in the same color. Feng Shui, an ancient Chinese therapy, suggests painting the rooms with colors that can create the mood needed for that particular room. For example, yellow is good for office room and kitchen where creative inspiration is needed. Blue and green are pacifying colors which can be applicable to bedroom and sitting room where you rest. Pink soothes and promotes affection and affinity. White purifies and energizes.

Color can change your behavior

Colors have impact on individual behavior. They induce responses in individuals. They affect the brain and the nervous system through which they can affect the behavior also. For example, if an individual is placed in room where ceiling, floor, and walls are painted a hue of bright red, he is more likely to experience excitement and tension.

The effect of colors on mood, emotion and behavior is still on the anvil of serious research. But one thing is certain. A lot of treasures of Mother Nature are still hidden from human knowledge, one of which is the impact of colors on moods, emotions and human behavior.


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