Women Having Low Libido?….worry No More…

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Should women be worried if they have low libido?  It has always been a belief that sex is one of the components of a stronger and successful marriage. When low sex drive is mentioned, the partner or the spouse with problem is always categorized as the wife. Women mostly lack sex drive compared to men. There have been studies that almost 50 percent of women lack sex drive and are suffering from what the doctors called as “female sexual arousal disorder”. 

Low libido or lack of sex drive is one of the common sexual problems today. This may be caused by our lifestyle. Some caused by stress and emotional problems. A lot of women who are stressed have problems with sexual performance as anxiety interferes with their sex drive. Women are less to get aroused if they are undergoing emotional and psychological problems. Women’s sexual desires are attached deeply to their emotions.  Female sex drive has more than one factors, the desire to make love is not only influenced by physical issues, but emotional as well. That is why women with sexual arousal disorder become very emotional that affects their relationship with their partners.  It becomes an issue to both partners that sometimes lead to having extra marital affairs or worst a broken marriage.

Loss of sex drive in women should not be taken for granted. It is best to seek medical advice.  Their partners should also understand what they are going through. Though it affects their relationship, but by understanding and treating them well can be a way of bringing back the sex drive. Caressing their wives or partners and being affectionate are also ways for women to be aroused. For some women it is better to have longer foreplay for them to be sexually aroused.

In this matter, it is really better for a man to show his love physically and emotionally to his partner. To be a happy couple, they should understand each other’s needs. Some women may lack sex drive but there are still ways for them to be aroused and can make a man happy. There are also available products to boost libido. So don’t be afraid if you lack sex drive because you’re not alone. Men are also experiencing low libido. The effects are just different. Women are just emotional. But with all the products coming out nowadays, women can get laid every night if they want to.


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