Copy Microsoft Outlook .pst Data Manually in For Backup Purposes

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There are so many ways on how to backup your Microsoft outlook data. You can backup it by exporting data from Microsoft Outlook Menu. There are also Back-up software’s that offers you to back-up your Microsoft Outlook data and files. It is only depend on you on how you do it.

Microsoft outlook main data which stores messages, contacts, calendars, tasks and other data were store in a one mail files named Outlook.pst

Extension file .pst means Personal Storage Table; it is an archive of files that Microsoft Outlook Created and stored its files. It means that all the files created by your Microsoft outlook were compressed in these files.

There are also other files except from outlook.pst that you need to copy or back-up;

  • Backup.pst

  • Archive.pst

  • Extend.dat


  • Outlook.xml.kfl    ( for Windows 7)

You can backup Microsoft Outlook data when it is still running or you can open it, but when you cannot open the Microsoft Outlook application, you can still copy and backup its files by accessing its directory at your hard disk.

  1. Open your Local Disk C, or the Hard drive that Windows Operating System Folder was Stored

  2. Navigate to C:\Documents and settings \ User\Local settings\Application Data\Microsoft Outlook, for Windows XP

For Windows Vista You can see the Microsoft Outlook Files at the following Folder,


Usually “Local Settings” and “Application Data” folders are hidden folders in Windows XP, just type the folder name to access the hidden folder. Or en able your Show Hidden Folders and Files Options in your Windows Explore.

To enable show hidden folders and files options, Click Tools Menu > Folder options in your Windows Browser.

Navigate to view Tab, Under “ Hidden files and folders” select show Hidden files, Folders and drives,

  1. Copy all the files especially the Outlook.pst file

  2. Paste in a safe drive or burn in a CD or DVD.

Copying files will take some time to finish depending on the size of your Outlook.pst file.

If your file copying stopped or did not continue, that’s means that your Microsoft Outlook files or data are having errors or corrupted. In this case you will need software to back-up your Microsoft Outlook data and files for you.


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