Female Ejaculation

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Female orgasm is a mystery for men and even most women. It is a known fact that women take longer to reach orgasms. Some women don’t even experience orgasm at all during sexual intercourse with their partners but have no problem reaching orgasm with masturbation.  Women may either reach clitoral orgasm or vaginal orgasm. These two types of orgasm are different from each other. For one, the clitoral orgasm does not need penetration to achieve. While vaginal orgasm requires the penetration of the woman’s vagina.

Vaginal orgasm, although much harder to achieve, has been a more pleasurable experience for women who have experienced both types of orgasms. Some say that vaginal orgasms are more intense as it brings about uncontrollable muscle spasms all over the body. For some women who experience intense vaginal orgasm, they can even ejaculate clear fluids out their para urethral ducts.

There are many myths and mysteries surrounding women ejaculation. In contrast, men ejaculate every time they reach orgasm. But this isn’t the case for women.  In fact, some women won’t even experience ejaculation in their whole lifetime. During ejaculation, noticeable amounts of clear fluid are excreted through the Para urethral ducts. The fluid that is excreted is not the same substance of urine. There are no conclusive studies as to how the ejaculation is achieved.  This experience may or may not happen to a woman, and if it does; they don’t really know how it was achieved.

Female ejaculation usually occurs during vaginal intercourse. It is believed that through penetration, an erogenous zone called the G-spot gets stimulated and can sometimes enable the woman to ejaculate. Even the existence of the G-spot has been subject to debates before.

When a woman ejaculates, it does not necessarily have to be while having an orgasm. Sometimes women who experience ejaculation experience it before or even after orgasm. For those who have experienced it, they say that it’s not as how they expected it to feel. It is believed that the pleasure points regarding the origin of the ejaculation are separate from that of orgasms. Women can ejaculate without an orgasm. 

Men tend to see this as a sex novelty as seen in some pornographic material. Most of what is shown in such films is fake ejaculation. Men should be sensitive to their partners and not force them to ejaculate. Again not all women can do it and those who do rarely even do it. 


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