Why Some Women Don’t Get Orgasms

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The theory that men and women achieve orgasms in the same exact way is a fallacy. Women tend to need more time and much more stimulation than men to reach the state of orgasm. Even with this fact, not every woman experiences orgasm. In fact, there are some women who are unable to hit this climax during sexual intercourse, but are able to during masturbation, while has never even experienced it.

Women who have trouble getting an orgasm may have a condition called anorgasmia. This is a condition where a woman has the inability to reach orgasm. There are different types of anorgasmia. It could either that the woman has never experienced it before, or has experienced it in the past but not anymore. Or can only experience orgasm through a certain type of stimulation like masturbation.

Others might think that the cause of a woman’s inability to reach orgasm during intercourse is because of an unskillful partner. This is not the case for every situation. In most cases, it’s actually the woman who is having problems that hinder her ability to reach orgasm. It could be that she is too stressed, not really in the mood, or not properly aroused to reach orgasm.

 If a woman is having a hard time reaching orgasm during intercourse with her partner, they should make sure that they are communicating effectively. Sometimes the woman’s partner is not stimulating her right. If this is the case, women should talk to their partners openly and tell them what they need.

There are a lot of different factors why women have difficulty trying to reach an orgasm. It can be because of a woman’s preference on the type of orgasm. There are actually two types of orgasms a woman can experience.  One is called the clitoral orgasm. This type of orgasm is reached through intense stimulation of the clitoris. The clitoris is the most erogenous part of the woman’s sexual organs. With the right amount of stimulation, it can produce intense orgasms. Another type of orgasm would be vaginal orgasm. This type requires penetration either by a penis, fingers, or the use of sex toys.

Although most women enjoy sex and having an orgasm, they too can experience pleasure without it. Women don’t necessarily need to have an orgasm to be satisfied during sexual intercourse. However, reaching it at the height of sexual pleasure will surely be a different experience for both the woman and her partner.


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