Female Orgasm

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Both men and women reach orgasm after a certain amount of stimulation. But what really does happen during a female orgasm? 

Although similar in some ways, there are differences between the male and the female orgasm. For women, orgasms might take longer to achieve. It all has to start with the arousal stage. Women also take longer to be aroused than men. For a woman to achieve orgasm, she should be fully aroused, and reaching this state takes more time and effort.

Women can achieve orgasms in different ways. In fact, women can even get orgasms without penetration. This type of orgasm is called clitoral orgasm. This is achieved through the stimulation of the clitoris. The clitoris is a sexual organ found at the anterior junction above the urethra and near the labia minora. It is considered to be the most sensitive erogenous zone for the female. Proper stimulation of the clitoris can give extreme sexual pleasure and thus, an orgasm.

During sexual excitement, the clitoris becomes engorged and changes its color as blood rushes to it. At the height of stimulation, a woman experiences orgasm. The clitoris can be subject to different types of stimulation to achieve clitoral orgasm. Rubbing a clitoris with your finger can get a woman to orgasm. Another way of stimulating the clitoris is through cunnilingus or the use of the tongue during oral sex.

Another type of orgasm is done with penetration. This is called a vaginal orgasm. Like clitoral orgasm, vaginal orgasm still needs a decent amount of stimulation before orgasm is reached. The part of the vagina that is the most erogenous would be the G-spot.  This is a small region inside the vagina that, if stimulated properly, can induce intense orgasms for women.

This type of orgasm can prove to be more difficult to achieve than clitoral orgasm. This is because of the elusive G-spot that can be hard to locate and stimulate while in penetration. This is also one reason why many women find it hard to experience vaginal orgasm.

Sometimes, it takes more than just penetration for a woman to reach orgasm. Prolonged foreplay before the actual penetration should help get the woman stimulated to sexual excitement.

As different as these orgasm types are, women also express different sentiments on each type. They might prefer one over the other. When getting a woman to heightened sexual pleasure before orgasm, a partner needs to be sensitive to make sure he covers all of his partner’s needs.


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