Some Businesses That Accept Credit Cards Online

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For the past decade, people have been resorting to shopping online due to its convenience and hassle-free transactions. Most of these transactions only take seconds. A lot of vendors and service provider companies do accept credit cards online.  The need to pay COD (cash on delivery) or check is now disappearing because of technology. Almost everybody has 2-3 credit cards. With this in mind, all sorts of businesses have been adding to their e-commerce website payment option button to accept credit cards online. 

However, the downside about businesses that accept credit cards online is security. How sure are you that your credit card is safe from hackers and scammers? They can sprout to identity theft if you are not careful and vigilant about this issue. Remember, any hacker can pretend to have a business and accept credit cards online. Once they get your credit card information, they can drain the money in them or order something for themselves. All it takes is putting in the last 4-digits of your credit card in order to make a purchase and viola! The product will be shipped right away and be at your doorsteps the next day.  

Even the smallest businesses can accept credits cards online, which is why there are lot of risks involved in doing online transactions. Thousands of customers complain about websites that would accept their credit card online, but turned out to be a fraudulent. 

So, is there any way to make our credit cards are safe to use online? Well, we need to make sure that the companies or any business that we are dealing online is well established. They must have a good reputation, and a lot of customers. Complaints about payment processing arising from identity theft are also something we need to check. These will be our basis as consumers, in order to protect ourselves from identity theft that will lead us to further demise if things will go out hand. Another important tip also is to check whether the website has the word “VeriSign.” This simply means that the company is reliable and their transactions are secure. 

In order to check whether a company accepts credit card online, all you need to do is check the entire website for buttons or icons where you can see ‘accept major credit cards” with images of MasterCard, Visa, American express and other leading major credit cards.  However, if you want your transaction to be as safe as it can be, all you have to do is sign up for PayPal. This is an online payment processing system where you can use your credit card to deposit to your PayPal account. Paypal can accept credit cards online, without revealing any information about them. 

Almost all businesses are now accepting PayPal and it is one of the most widely used payment systems. Now, you can start shopping without to worry divulging any relevant details that will jeopardize your credit cards security and your financial status.  

So, start doing smart shopping and for sure, you will enjoy all the convenience you are getting plus having a safe and secured transaction every purchase you make online. Most businesses accept credit cards online, but Paypal is best option for security. 


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