Are You In An Abusive Relationships

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All of us know that abusive relationships still exist. There are a lot of victims that are popping out on the news, TV shows, radio and even on the Internet. Whether you are celebrity or just an ordinary person, you can be a victim too. Say for example, Rihanna and Chris Brown come to think these two are on the top of their careers and as the story unfold with all the assaults and Rihanna was in an abusive relationship, their lives changed forever. As you can see, even people who seemed to have everything in life can be in a relationship as brutal, violent and even deadly as what we found out on the news.   

With this, a lot of people are coming out more and more each day, becoming advocates to help people who are victims of abusive relationships. Even if there are campaigns focused throughout the abusive relationship, we still really cannot let go of the fact that there will always be people who will be in this situation and even cannot get out of it. The sad thing about abusive relationships is that there will be other people who will be dragged into the situation such as innocent children and even the family of the couple. Yet, people are still throwing stones at the abuser and sympathizing with the victim. A lot of people in our society cannot even comprehend the fact that a person who is sane cannot just snap out in the middle of nowhere without any reason or a past that keep haunting him each day. Most likely, the abuser and the victim grew up have seen their mothers beating up or being verbally abused by their dads or boyfriends. Therefore, it is a mere cycle so to speak. An unending cycle only leads to pain and suffering.  

Recent studies have shown that when it comes to youth delinquency, approximately 80% of teenage law offenders came from families where abusive relationship exists. The statistics simply shows that children, who grew up in an abusive relationships will eventually act out and does stuff that will make them end up incarcerated. You might say what does this has to do with me, well simple fact is, you are part of the society and you never know that one day you might end up in an abusive relationship, too. 

 The truth of the matter is, abusive relationships break the innocent lives of children and even make them suffer the consequence that their parents commit. In return, it will make them be part of an abusive relationship and repeat the cycle their parents. If we, as a people does not act now, the whole society will certainly suffer from kids acting out, joining gangs, killing each other, engage in prostitution and even in drugs. This is from the kind of community that we envisioned for our kids. We want our kids to grow up in a community that pushes for compassion and love. However, we can only protect our kids and ourselves so much. The painful truth is that these abusive relationships can exist anywhere. 


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