Bringing Back The Desire For Sex

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Do you feel like living with your husband is just living with a roommate? Does it feel like years since you’ve had body-exploding sexual intimacy in your marriage? Being together for a long time made you very comfortable with each other, that you lose the excitement of seeing each other everyday. When you’ve been together for a while it’s easy to lose the spark, especially for women. Sometimes, it’s hard for women to increase libido if you’re in a long-term relationship or marriage.

The husband arrives at home and just go directly to the room to wash up and change. Not even noticing you and just pass by. When the husband’s tired, he’ll just go to sleep without even talking to you. As what always wife would do, you’ll just understand him and let him rest.

 Sometimes, it’s not only the man who does this. Women have also the tendency to be like men, most specially those women working. Wives who do not work and just stay at home to take care of the kids have different dilemma. They may not be busy or tired from work, but they are also stressed doing all the chores at home and watching over the kids. Some wives who stay at home don’t bother to look good for their husbands. Because of being comfortable with each other, they just don’t care how they look infront of their partners.

This situation and having this kind of relationship can lead to lack of sex drive. Sex is one of the components of having a great marriage. Sex can spice up the relationship. In the above scenario, it shows how the partners become so comfortable with each other thus, excitement is gone. Less communication can be very critical in every relationship which can lead to conflicts. One of the causes of lack of sex drive is having relationship issues or problems.

We don’t want our marriage or relationship to be broken. We know we love our husbands or partner, maybe a little spice is what we need to have that spark back. There are ways to increase your libido and sexual arousal.

Women should spend time with their husbands or partners. During your time off, maybe you can go out on a date. Be on your best dress. Wear something revealing, tease him. Maybe a sexy black or red dress would work. Have a romantic dinner, a glass of wine, and a nice conversation. To be sexually aroused, tease him by looking at his eyes, touch him gently, get closer to him like you want to kiss him, and everything will fall into places.

 Do this once in a while. Think of other things you can do for him that may excite you and your partner. Bring back that spark. Bring back the desire for sex. Increase your libido. And your relationship will never be boring again. 


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