What Will Be Your 60Th Birthday Gifts

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In few months time, my dad will be turning 60. He is not quite happy on taking another milestone in his life since he started to see his hair has been turning gray. He is starting to feel neck and back pains, which he did not experience at all when he was in his 40s. He does not want get old, but this is something that he should face no matter what. It is a sad reality, but he should accept it with open a heart. This is the reason why our family has made plans to give him a surprise birthday bash and really make it a great celebration in order to give dad a birthday celebration he will surely enjoy! What we did, we hire a catering service of one of the bests in town, Guess what? It only costs us two to three hundred dollars for the catering service and fortunately, the conference hall rental is already included as well. What a great savings! I have been working hard trying to think of some ideas for his 60th birthday gifts that are going to make him feel better and be happy of reaching the age of 60. I bet all of the guests invited are also preparing their 60th birthday gifts for my dad.  

 I have been planning and organizing a lot of stuff just to make sure that this event will certainly be memorable and fun for everyone regardless of his or her age. I have prepared the invitation cards, and even hired an events coordinator in order to help me pull out one of the grandest events in the life of my dad. From the birthday theme down to the cake, I will make sure that every detail is taken cared of. It is a family affair except my dad’s does not know about this! It is going to be fun watching dad’s face when everybody will say, “surprise” on his birthday. On top of that, all the 60th birthday gifts from family and guests will definitely put a smile on face.  

One of the many 60th birthday gifts that I am planning to give for dad is getting hold of a digital photo album is really something that I want to give for dad. I have been collecting photos left and right that highlight my dad’s wonderful life since birth up to this date. I asked mom, his siblings and even colleagues about how he was before. It is quite fascinating hearing stories about my dad and how things were during his time. However, as his birthday grows near, I see a sad face on my dad. I am trying to compose myself and not to cry in tears every time I look at him. This is where my second birthday gift for him comes to play, a tribute video for my dad. This will make him feel important, gain back his self-esteem and confidence. I hope the two 60th birthday gifts will make him happy.  

Well as of now, I am busy with work and preparing for my dad’s 60th birthday gifts as well as for his birthday party.


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