Bald Spots

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There are many men suffering from being bald nowadays. Having bald spots to most of the people is a shame for their physical attributes. I really have to confess that every time I will hear someone say, “God created a few perfect heads and upon the rest, he put hair.” I crack up. Many people, even if they have bald spots, they are still very proud about it. Others, on the other hand, are not that still prepared to part them with the look of having full hair. With this, they are trying to hide the truth that their bald spots are growing. A person can either accept it or just hopelessly their bald spots up. 

I have an experience with my brother who is so ashamed when he started to get bald spots when he was eighteen. He was the kind of person that likes to experiment with his hair a lot. My brother put on his long hair for several years to put out of sight his disappearing hairlines. After he got bored of it, he just shaved it off. Well, if he will just keep himself shaving down to his scalp he would not have noticed that he was fading.  

At a very young age, lots of men are already suffering by getting bald spots. It is really hard to overcome to this kind of condition. Some men think that they are not sexy because of the fact that they do not have a head full of hair. Many of them feel inferior without their hair. This is not really true. Hiding their bald spots does not prevent them disliking it. Some even try testing treatments, shampoos, implants and even toupees just to fix or hide the problem. Some of these will work, but there is no guarantee. Thousands of product claims to remedy the problem, but only a handful will work. In my opinion, you are just going to end up wasting your time and money. 

Men will eventually learn to become more at ease with their bald spots. It can even help release their spirits and be happy with how they look. Being confident on how you look yourself and happy for it as well makes a certain person contented of what they look like and who they are. Confidence really is an important thing that one must posses in order for any weakness to be erased. Yes, women love healthy hair on men, physical appearance is not always an issue to them. A real woman for you is that she can accept you for who you are, regardless how you look. A woman will learn to love you whether you bald or not. Just be sure you are always confident and what matters most to women is that you treat her properly. If woman are particular with you having bald spots, then she is not the one for you. Always keep in mind that having physical weakness like being bald will never be an issue to women. 


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