Baggy Jeans

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Different styles of blue jeans have been made from a period of time. Blue jeans are perfectly popular and it is widely used by people around the world. Its style changed from a span of time with the bell bottoms going and coming. It also gets into the changes of either fitting it looser or tighter. Overall, every style has appeared to fit well. Blue jeans really possess this endless nice look to them especially when we are referring to its comfort and cut. Mentioned earlier is the good point about blue jeans but it really seems so ridiculous to me with regard to the new and current style in the market.  

Baggy jeans are a type of blue jeans that is comfortable to wear. I must admit that I have worn this kind of jeans before. I simply cannot understand how baggy jeans changed through the years. I do not know how to describe a certain baggy jeans, but the people wearing it now are just plain silly. The Baggy jeans of today are ridiculously big. They are supposed to be just big enough on you for you to feel comfortable. I consider it pointless to wear these kinds of jeans. I have seen many people wearing these jeans have to continually held unto them. They usually surround it with a belt. In this case, if they release it then the jeans will drop down all over their ankles. In addition to this, I also see women wearing this kind of baggy jeans wherein it is made so huge for them. I cannot even tell if they are wearing a denim skirt or jeans. Still, the main idea is to wear something because you feel and look comfortable. Also, take into consideration how other people will look at you. You may think it looks hip on you, but in reality, you look like a clown. 

Designer jeans are believed to be pattern tailored to fit to the person wearing it. I really cannot find any reason for making them too big. In fact, I still see many people who are buying and wearing these designer jeans. They do not even know the point of buying them. It will not fit them and they are just wasting their money. If this is the case, I suggest you to instead buy a cheap pair of baggy jeans you desire as long as the jeans are huge for you to be practical. Consider instances like these sometimes if you want to be so realistic on things.  

Baggy jeans still exist. I thought it will just go out of the way especially to those teenagers who are enjoying wearing it. I thought only teenagers would make fun at themselves because of the fact that they got into the unreasonable style. Well, I think it is just how things are in that age. They just want something to fit the lifestyle of today’s world. In addition, they just want to wear something that will make them feel cool. 


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