A Career For Creatives: Animation

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Animation, VFX and the Gaming industry have changed drastically in the last few years worldwide and is constantly evolving at a very fast pace. New techniques like 3D have become the order of the day and those who are not in touch with change are out of business. The only way to do well and survive in this industry is to move with technology and ahead of others.

 “In 2009, the state of the animation industry in India, was growing at a CAGR of 30%. The three things that constitute the animation industry are — Animation, VFX and Gaming. Eighty per cent of the businesses today comprise of outsourcing from North America and Europe,” said Mr ABRP Reddy MD and CEO of CG Mantra.

India is emerging as a hub of animation VFX because of certain advantages that it has in the field of technology. The amount of work that is being outsourced to India is almost 80 per cent of the $350 million industry. Besides the work that is being outsourced the Indian film industry is also using this field in a big way.

Analysts at two of the four big global consulting firms say that animation will create around 2.5-3.5 lakh job opportunities by 2011, especially for those in the age group of 25-32 years.

Options at hand

If you can draw a straight line, can visualise shapes and objects, and have a keen interest in story-telling for the audience, then animation may be the career for you.

From creative pursuits such as making animation films and creating those special effects in Matrix, to scientific applications of architecture-based software, studying animation is like walking the tight rope between art and science. Mr. Reddy, believes, “the creative aptitude that you must possess includes good story telling, aptitude for visualization, painting, sketching, sculpturing. Moreover, the aptitude will not be enough, you should also love what you want to do and if you do so there is no stopping you in this filed.”

There are around 515 production houses in India and many more institutes offering courses. The candidate must be interested and should have a basic aptitude for drawing.

 “Career in animation does not mean 300 hour training. These people who believe in shortcuts will only learn part of the process. Unless you spend 1000 hours of training in animation your course will not be complete,” says ABRP Reddy, MD and CEO of CG Mantra and Advisor to NASSCOM Animation and Gaming Forum. An average student from one of the reputed institutes will take home a starting package between Rs. 17,000 and Rs. 19,000, while a good student can nail a pay package up to Rs.35,000.

Growth in this sector depends on the fact that how well you do your work.


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