Babies First 2 Years of Learning.

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From the moment a baby is born it is learning,it learns the warmth and scent of its mother,as a matter  of fact one of the first things the midwife does,once the baby is cleaned up and checked over by the doctor,is to put the baby on the mothers body,so the baby learns straight away the scent of the mother, the next thing the baby learns is to suckle,whether that be on breast, or bottle,the baby learns that suckling stops the hungry feeling(though of course they can’t say that). Of course, the first time mother is learning as well ,she soon learns the different cries her baby has,A cry for food or just mummies voice ,may sound the same to an on-looker,but the mother soon learns the difference in her babies cry..The first time mother learns to sleep when her new baby sleeps,She will learn that it really isn’t possible to keep the home in pristine condition with a new baby in the home,she will in time learn to relax about these things,and learn to ask  her partner or other adult to help out where they can.Alot of first time mothers think they have o do everything on their own,but, if there are other family members around such as mothers, mother-in laws aunties,etc who are offering help,I say to the new mother take the help..

Now back to baby…

As baby grows,it starts looking around its environment,it starts to notice different shapes.Lots of babies have wind-up mobiles at the head of their cots,it is interesting to see when the baby first notices it,and how it will focus intently for a few minutes or so when the mobile is first turned on.,As the baby gets older it focuses for longer periods,It is said that up to the age of about 18 months baby only focuses on things for a little while,for instance if a baby is holding a toy then drops it,it will look down for a couple of seconds then look away and carry on doing something else.Babies recognise familiar sounds and voices within a couple of months,they usually recognise their mother or full time care givers voice first,which is understandable as it is the voice they hear the most..A baby needs to be stimilated,ie It needs to be held ,cuddled ,sung to, talked to,As the baby grows the crying(usually) gives way to gurgles and lop-sides smiles and squeals.,The baby soon learns if it is  being bottle-fed to reach out and put its hands on the bottle,within a few months it will be able to hold that bottle on its own,at this point you could start giving baby toys to hold,touch,look at,bang,drop,it’s all part of baby learning. baby soon starts making simple sound it learns to kick its legs out,lift its arms up and down,look side to side,as well as up.You can start to wean baby at about 9-10 months.

One of the next things baby usually learns is da-da-ma-ma the simple sounds that baby first makes,with time the baby will start getting a larger vocabulary,that is why it is important to talk or read to your baby,soon baby will with good support start to sit up, roll over,and before you know it that little bundle will soon have learnt to toddle(this is the time to put all your treasured breakables on high shelves,and invest in good child safety gates),fall,toddle,and finally..yes look baby takes their first steps…

Baby has learned so much in just about one and a half to two years ,and babyis now heading to toddler stage and continues to learn so much over the first five years of its life,it is said that the first few years a baby is like a sponge soaking up  and learning from everything happening around them.So it is important to try (I know it is not always easy).to make everything around them  the best it can possibly be,


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