Astrology Readings

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I get a lot of astrology readings in my email everyday and I cannot help myself from laughing because they contradict each other. Which is true? Honestly, how can anybody think that astrology readings are true when they do contradict each other everyday? You might as well leave everything to chance if you do and toss a coin while your at it.  

Never let astrology readings run your life. I am not saying that they are useless, but following everything it says is just asking for trouble. What if one of your readings say that “It is the best time to ask the big question” and you always wanted to ask for a raise. Now, you walk into the office of your boss only to see him or her having a terrible day. Asking for a raise is about the worse thing that you can do! Just because one of your astrology readings says it is time, it does not mean you are going to get that raise today. Trust your feelings and intuition when is the best time to ask. Never take the advices of your readings against your common sense. If you do, you are going to have a lot of problems. Just imagine what kind of damage it can do. Leave the decisions to your brain but never to your astrology readings.  

My favorite astrology readings are the ones that does not tell me what to do or would not do. Most of them are just advices that anybody can use. I find astrology readings so refreshing and is a great way to start my day. Always remember not to take them too seriously or else you will really end up in a lot of trouble. Not everyone who gives you astrology readings are qualified. Anybody can claim to be a great reader, but does not know what he or she is reading or talking about. There are thousands of readers saying that they know the truth and just want to help others. They may sound very convincing because they said something about your childhood or who you are. Some can even guess your name, especially if your name is John, Steven, Bob, or any other common names. Never believe everything they say. Most of what they tell you is from what they have observed and have said to a lot of people.  

If you had a tough day at work and is looking at astrology readings for advice just always remember not to get fooled into paying hundreds of dollars for an advice that anybody can give you.  Do not trust the reader right away. A lot of people can write up these readings that might sound true to you as well as everybody. It is all about writing or saying the right words. I am sure there are real astrology readings and readers out there, but how will you know if that person is the real one? Remember, if you believe the readings that you like, you must also believe the ones you dislike. You can get readings just about anywhere and from anybody, but remember to use your common sense.


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