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Art is something that sets us apart from the animals. Most of us had gone through elementary learning about texture, color, and shape. When parents receive the art projects made by their son or daughter, they usually stick it to the wall or the refrigerator. Parents do this because the art project made by the child makes them proud and happy to see their achievement.  These painting or art projects can help develop the right side of the brain which is in charge of creativity and imagination. Art projects also help build their confidence. It will also help them value teamwork through something like communal work. It is the best method for kids to discover the world around them.  

Sad to say, most of us leave art behind as we get older. We become the audience rather than the artist. Art projects are made in public places and will become public art. Putting art in a public place will cause controversy because taste varies from one person to another. Most of these projects are paid by public money and will spark some resentment. Not only that taste differs per individual, it also changes per generation. For example, during1960’s people loved abstract concrete sculptures, but the generation today no longer likes this kind of art projects. The best kind of public art is something that would not look outdated in the future. Most of the time, once an art project is made, the place is stuck with it. 

In London, a place called Trafalgar Square was a focus of a special exercise. The administration commissioned make or carve out sculptures that are on temporary plinths. The exhibits keep on changing, so everybody saw variety of sculptures that they liked or disliked. Since it was on temporary plinths, they were not stuck with something that they disliked. 

In the Unites States, Claes Oldenburg is one of most prolific artist in the world to have ever used a public space for his art projects. His trademark is making common items and presents them in a massive scale. Some of his art projects comprise a lipstick, a pair of binoculars, and a giant button. Anthony Gormley is known in the United Kingdom for his public art projects, namely the Angel of the North. It is situated on a hill near a major road. The wings of the angel are outstretched to make the motorist feel welcome on their way to New Castle. People can even park their cars and walk up the hill and get close up of the sculpture. 

Sculpture Parks and Sculpture Trails are also one of the most popular places to go. Some of them are made for kids to enjoy and encourage creating their own projects. A trail located in forest in the United Kingdom has an art that are made entirely of wood. This includes various percussion instruments that the people are allowed to hit. It is always great to have art projects outside a gallery. We will be reminded of freedom we felt when we were still playing with bits of clay and pain in school.


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