Articles on Lung Cancer

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 First of smoking is dangerous to our health and will eventually kill you.  I do not think there is still a living soul that does not understand this. It is impossible with all the media bombarding us day and night. Anti-smoking ads is a huge portion of all the commercials being aired daily.  Even television shows have articles on lung cancer telling us that it is bad for us. They will surely get the message through to everybody and if this does not work, nothing will. Articles on lung cancer are found in almost every kind of print or media.    

 It is safe to say that everybody knows that smoking can lead to lung cancer and it will kill you. It does not matter whether you are 18 or 65. Every article on lung cancer will tell you that your age does not matter. There are even some articles on lung cancer that states that having strong genes or ancestry will not save you from the disease.  

One cigarette can taint your lungs with tar and nicotine for an entire month. This applies to anybody who lights up a cigarette. The chemicals will only build up in your lungs and just imagine what a pack of cigarettes can do. You can read all about the damage of Nicotine and Tar in articles on lung cancer found in magazines or any print you can find. If you still think that it is a biased opinion, read more articles on lung cancer, all of them will tell you the same thing.  

I love to read anything I can find. I read anything from novels, the Sunday paper, magazines and any other kind of prints. The reason I love to read is that I want to learn new things. It is also great to be informed about the latest news. Aside from the news, print is always full of articles on lung cancer. If it is about lung cancer, it’s about the breakthroughs in prostate enlargement or heart disease treatment. It is always good to add more information to the brain. This way you do not go through life like an ignorant idiot who knows nothing. Reading articles on lung cancer, you can prevent it from happening to you. You would also be informed of the latest medication if you are affected by the disease.  

With all the disease that could come from smoking, one would think that common sense would  just stop us from smoking, but obviously this is not enough. If it did, people would not be smoking like a chimney. Some just need a little reality check before riding the smoke-free bandwagon. If articles on lung cancer will not do the trick, I am sure respiratory problems will. I have seen a person smoking through a hole cut out from their throat. I was at awe from watching him.  

We need to find a way to make our environment smoke free, because second hand smoking can affect all of us. Throw out this bad habit and live a healthier life. Let us share our message through giving smokers a little scare by putting articles on lung cancer in all kind.


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