Penny Black Stamp

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The Penny Black stamp was the world’s very first adhesive postage stamp used in a postal system. It was considered as an ingenious invention at the time of its creation and has even become valuable and appealing to those who collect stamps. Having this stamp is very fascinating especially for those people who are very interested in history and are very much into history collectables. 

It is very surprising that this stamp was created back in the year 1840. I cannot imagine how the postal system works in those days. I wonder how much time it took for the letters to reach their destination bearing this stamp. 

I was even more surprised when I did a research about this famous historical item. I did not have any idea that this stamp originated from Europe. The Penny Black stamp was issued during the reign of Queen Victoria. She was a very prominent figure during that time that the Penny Black stamp featured her portrait as a symbol.

One of the best ways to distinguish if a Penny Black stamp is genuine is by simply checking which direction the portrait is facing on the front of the item. The original one is facing left. And all of these most sought after collectable items must have letters in the bottom corners. These letters has to do with the order that these stamps were printed. The letters appearing on the stamp are very useful in identifying the original from the fake ones. However, these various numbers are of the same value. There is no current demand for stamps bearing specific numbers or letters. The value of the stamp today varies significantly according to its grade and condition. 

While doing my research on the Penny Black stamp, I discovered trivial information, which caught my attention. Traditionally, the receiver of the letter or package would pay for the postage. However, when this stamp was created, the sender then was the one paying the postage prior to the voyage. And it’s very interesting to note that in honor of the United Kingdom having issued the world’s first adhesive stamps, the Universal Postal Union grants it an exemption from its rule that the name of the issuing country must appear  on every stamp. So today, no British stamp has its country name on it.

The idea of the recipient paying for the postage is very interesting because it implies how much the system has evolved over time. We have witnessed a lot of developments in the postal system.  The sending of letters and packages using adhesive stamps proved to be so popular in Britain that many other countries soon began issuing stamps. 

I really think that what makes the Penny Black stamp very appealing is its significance to a part of the history when writing letters were carefully given thought and treasured much by a receiver who was even willing to pay for the postage. This idea made me realized that writing letters by hand is still the best way to let someone know how you feel.


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