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Based on parenting skills, Do you consider your parents as a role model? Would you say that they are “good” parents? I would say my parents are above average in terms of parenting skills. I really cannot remember everything that I have complained about during my childhood. However, based on how I see myself now, I think they did pretty well. I am pretty happy with who and what I have become, so  I do not have anything to complain about. I am actually very fortunate to have good parents. From what I have heard from other people, some of their parents were horrible. Their parents were terrible because they did not take parenting programs before raising their child. Every parent want their children to be happy, and parenting programs gives everybody tips on how to do it. 

My question is; are you a parent yet?  If you are, I recommend that you get your methods and skills evaluated. I do this evaluation often, so I can improve and learn from my mistakes. The reason why I do this is because I want to become the best dad that I can be for my children. I am sure any parent would want their child to grow up happy and this evaluation is going to help you. Being a parent is the hardest and most important job in the world. I sure everyone will agree! If you find out that one of your methods and skills are need to improved, that is not a problem. Parenting programs designed specifically for this purpose.

In my opinion, there are people that does not deserve to become parents. I know all of us has know somebody that came from a terrible parent. Having unfit parents is something that will scar you for life and everybody knows this fact. Even the best parenting programs cannot help certain types of people. These are people that does not pay any attention to the needs of their children. I know a guy that has four children that would rather play golf or work , than spend time with them. He has never taken his kids camping or read them story before going to bed. He thinks his children are nothing but a burden. This is what we call as extreme selfishness and people like these do not deserve children. There was a even a point when his wife wanted the kids to attend counseling, but he refused, She even asked him to attend parenting programs, but  declined because he thinks it was a waste of time. This is probably the worse thing you can turn in to and attending parenting programs will prevent this from happenning. Thousands of kids have unfit parents because they simply refused to learn and see their children as a blessing. Parent programs can help people realize what they have been missing all these years. 

We should be thankful that parenting programs offer tons of helpful advice. This is the kind of information that we needed in the past and today. Do not be afraid to learn! Look for parenting programs near your area and be the best parent for your child.


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