Outdoor Playsets Are Good

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Have you noticed that more and more children are spoiled? I am talking about American children. I have noticed that American children get almost everything they want, and that is not a good thing. To be honest, I think this going to be huge problem. I am even guilty of spoiling my children, and most of us are. I look at how many toys my seven year old has and compared it to what I had during my childhood. I knew comparing them was absurd, but I just cannot help myself. When I was a child, my parents would only buy me toys and other stuff on Christmas and birthdays. That was about it. I was happy with the stuff I had because I did not know anything much. You cannot miss something if you never had it in the first place and the opposite is also true. We all know what a child does when they do not get something they want.  This is what brings us to our main subject which is outdoor playsets. Most parents cannot afford these outdoor playsets.

During summer, my daughter was running around the backyard and she asked me about outdoor playsets. When I asked where she got this idea, she told me that our neighbour has one and was wondering if she could have one for herself. I agreed to the idea of buying a outdoor playset so that my daughter will learn to love the outdoors. My wife and I looked for outdoor playsets that we liked, but there was no price listed.  So, the next day we went to looking for a store that sells outdoor playsets. When we found a store that sells different kinds of playsets. An attendant showed us all the outdoor playsets they have. My wife and I loved every one of them. When I asked about the price, that was when everything turned sour. The price was a whopping $6,500! I like the outdoor playsets, but I am not crazy. My daughter was already 7 years old and three to four years from now, she will no longer like playing with them. If my daughter was three, I would buy it for four thousand dollars.

How much are you willing to spend for a toy? Would you spend six grand for something that he or she would use in just three to four years? These are the questions you need to ask yourself as parent. If you willing to spend that much for outdoor playsets, atleast do this when your child is still around three or four. Make your child be able to use it for years to come. Money is not something that would knock on your door. These outdoor playsets are great because they can encourage children to play outside of the house, but six thousand dollars is too much. If you still want to buy one these playsets, make sure your child gets every ounce of fun out of it.


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